Wedding dos and don’ts for moms


“I can’t emphasize enough the importance of buying a comfortable shoe.”

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Wedding Dos and Don’ts from J. Andrew’s Mother’s Stylist Teresa Buoch

Be a pleaser
Always, always dress to please the bride. Find out what style and color she’d like for you to wear. Long? Short? Formal? Cocktail? Neutral? Blue? Platinum? Plum? Wise moms follow this advice.

Defer to the other mom
It is still proper for the mother of the groom to shop after the mother of the bride, or to at least know what color the bride’s mom plans to wear. This convention has stood the test of time.

Shop early
A mother’s dress has to be ordered too and can take up to 12 weeks to arrive and be altered.

Focus on the two C’s
Comfort and color. Make sure your clothing fits your body and personality and that your shoes will feel good for at least 10 hours.

Say yes to black
At a dressy wedding, it is appropriate to wear black as long as the bride approves. Mothers today choose this color more frequently than in the past.

Online buyer, be aware
It is risky to trust the internet to deliver a fit and fabric you’ll want to wear. What looks good on your screen can be disastrous in real life. Furthermore, return policies can be tricky at best. When you realize all of this three weeks before the wedding, you may be out of time to make it right.

Stay age-appropriate
Moms are sometimes tempted to shop among the bridesmaids dresses. It’s understandable. The styles look gorgeous on the hanger and generally the dresses are less expensive. In reality, though, very few bridesmaids dresses are suitable for mothers and very few moms have the physique to carry off the “younger” dress. Embrace your role and the beautiful dress that is perfect for you.

Photo by Marie Thomas

Joyce Beverly

Former publisher of Fayette Woman, Joyce Beverly spends her time now helping others realize their dreams by writing and editing books and helping families preserve their legacies through story-telling.

January 5, 2016