Virtually Anything is Possible: Staying Fit While Staying Home

Welcome to the Roaring 20s. The theme was used for many New Year’s Eve parties, and who knew how the foreshadowing of that would play out? Our way of living these last several months has changed the way we do many daily tasks. Grocery shopping, dining out, and exercising at the gym has been altered for the long term.

In late March, one of my favorite places shut down: the gym. In order to stay in business and resume some normalcy, gyms began running their live classes online. At the time, I was not interested in exploring virtual fitness classes. I ran and walked outside, I printed boot camp–style workouts that I could tackle alone in my apartment, and I followed a routine from Orangetheory which consisted of 10 pushups, 15 squats, situps, and jumping jacks. I was faithful for a full month, and presently, I work in the pushups and squats but not as consistently as I should.

Since the gyms reopened, I have been back and enjoying the classes again, but I have also become open to the virtual space of the fitness world. Why have I changed my mind? I have become busy with my schedule at work and if I can stay home and log in, why not another Zoom session?

Last week, I signed up for the three class pass for CorePower Yoga. In the virtual space the choices abound, and I had to consider my objectives for my workout. To sweat or not to sweat? To be quiet in my space or bust out a boot camp–style workout. Yoga kept whispering my name. I did my research in order to be properly prepared for the live session, and I signed on with an open mind. I didn’t expect to like it, and I figured I would get through the class and probably need another two classes to make up my mind. To my surprise, I got the same feeling at home as I do in the gym. I worked hard, and I felt a sense of well-being after the session. Isn’t that the goal of taking a fitness class?

When I write about a topic, I do the proper research and speak from experience. One class wasn’t enough. I took another class tonight that included sculpting with weights. I grabbed my 8-pound weights and a big cup of ice water and logged in to my final Zoom session of the day at 7 p.m. My sweet little dog was in attendance as well, and she observed my struggle. This yoga class was more strenuous than the first due to it being a sculpting class and I knew it; and not for a second did I hesitate to sign up for this even though I already ran in the morning. Loads of squats with different variations and jumping were included. Lots of cardio caused me to begin dripping with sweat before the class was at the midway point. Trust me, I checked the clock a few times. We used the weights for the biceps and core work. It was an all over body and cardio workout. It was a hybrid class for sure. I was so relieved at 8 p.m. when I could thank the instructor and shut my computer and not have to drive home.

I am surprised how much I am enjoying the virtual fitness world. I would not have ventured into this space without prompting. The world is your oyster when exploring options in this realm. Consider your budget and your goals and find the right fit for you. If money is no object the Peloton bike, the Mirror, and Tonal offer endless workouts with personal trainers guiding you from a land far away.

Since March, we have spent more time in our homes and online, and almost anything can be accessed by the push of the buttons on a keyboard. I have been a gym loving and highly social person, and now I have fallen into the category of working out at home and loving it.

I hope you keep moving, stay well, and have fun along the way.

Consider these points when exploring your options:

  • What is your workout goal? Do you want to stretch and strengthen your body or do you want to hit it hard and sweat it out? Is there a class you have wanted to try, but no studios nearby? No problem, seek out classes in other states, just keep in mind the time zone.
  • Make sure you have the proper space to do the moves the class requires.
  • Consider how much of an investment you want to make. Do you want to take one class or try two or three classes? You will save money if you sign up for a new guest class pass.
  • Research the details. Any equipment needed? Music playlist included or do you choose your playlist?
  • Be committed to giving the session a good solid chance.
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor.
  • I recommend muting the microphone and keeping the camera on to get feedback from the instructor, if you choose.
  • Please put aside any worries that people could be judging you. I was trying to stay on track and focus on my form, and I am certain the other attendees were doing the same.
  • Enjoy your space and the flexibility of being at home but still benefiting from a certified fitness trainer.
September 13, 2020