The Top 10 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

This week, the early morning temperatures dropped down into the low fifties, inspiring me to write about my favorite season of the year.  Here, in no particular order, are a few of my favorite things about autumn.

1. A warm, cozy sweater on a crisp morning. Smelling the bite of frost in the air. Sitting on the porch, drinking a steaming beverage: hot tea,  hot chocolate, apple cider, or chai. Better yet, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

Fall leaves by a stream. My mother took this photo when she stopped in Virginia on her way to visit us in Georgia.

Fall leaves by a stream. My mother took this photo when she stopped in Virginia on her way to visit us in Georgia.

2. Hunkering down, curling up. A sense of retreat and quietude.

3. The fall afternoons where the chill burns off and it gets warm—just enough so the kids still need long-sleeved t-shirts to run around outside. Wrapping a hand-knit scarf around my neck when I go for a walk. The smell of burning leaves outside as the shadows lengthen and the sun sets a little earlier each evening.

4. Fall festivals: crafts, fried dough, pumpkin painting, candy apples, making scarecrows.

5. Happy anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, but  nothing stressful just yet. Thinking ahead, planning holiday menus, buying airline tickets.  Maybe pick up an early gift or two… if I feel like it.

6. The colors of fall— the spectacle of leaves changing on the trees, bright orange pumpkins and yellow mums on folks’ doorsteps . Bales of hay and homemade scarecrows on the lawns.

7. Bubble baths, completely  justified.

8. Time for comfort food: baked casseroles, mac and cheese, pancakes, soups and stews. Spice cakes, applesauce cakes, coffee cakes, carrot cakes. Halloween cupcakes made to look like spiders.

Saturday morning soccer games

Saturday morning soccer games

9. October being breast cancer awareness month—pink everywhere.  Remembrances of loved ones. Celebrations of survivors.

10. Saturday morning kids’ soccer and fall baseball games. Being out at the fields, early morning golden sunshine, a thermos of coffee in my hand as I sit on the bleachers.

What are your favorite things about fall? Add to my list with your comments below.

Kristin Girard

Kristin Girard is the editor of Fayette Woman magazine.

October 1, 2009
October 1, 2009