Time Saving Hair Products and Tools


Who doesn’t want to cut their hairstyling routine down as much as possible? Most women’s styles will never be as low-maintenance as a lot of men’s, but there are ways to speed the whole process up or prolong the results of your efforts so you don’t have to go through the whole styling process as often. Here are some tools and products that can help you

Flat Iron

Straight, sleek hair isn’t quite as in-demand as it used to be, but it can be so much easier to create a work-appropriate look with it than, say, beachy waves or loose curls. It’s good to have a flat iron in your arsenal if your hair has any natural wave or curl to it (sometimes it helps the straight-haired ladies achieve the sleekness they want, too). You can also use some flat irons, like the GHD Classic 1” Styler ($149.00, Sephora) to add curls and waves on the days you want them.

Dry Shampoo

If you’ve never used dry shampoo, you’re about to meet your new BFF. This will probably be a hit-or-miss category, but once you find the one that works best for your hair, your life will change. If you go to the gym before work or during your lunch break or just want to get one more day out of your style, applying dry shampoo to your roots will freshen you up and give you some extra volume.

For a budget pick, try one of the ones from Batiste ($5.29, Target). For more of a splurge, try Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($20.00, Target). If your hair is dark, avoid that white/gray cast dry shampoo can leave by choosing one with a tint, like the Batiste Hint of Color Divine Dark Dry Shampoo ($5.99, Target).

Texturizing Spray

If your roots are fine, but your hair’s looking a little blah, pep it back up with a texturizing spray. Flip your head over, spray it on, massage the roots, then flip your head back over to admire the results.

If you wash your hair at night put it in a bun (or two, depending on hair length and how you prefer your waves to look) before bed, then use the texturizing spray, you’ll have gorgeous waves.

A Quality Hair Dryer

This seems like an obvious choice. Of course, a hair dryer will make life easier, right? The quality matters, though, and can be the difference between sleek hair and frizz that doesn’t want to be tamed.

Take a look at the BabylissPRO ITALO Luminoso ($79.95, Ulta) for a lightweight dryer that works quickly and makes your hair shiny.

If you really want to treat yourself, try the Dyson Airwrap™ Styler, which can do it all. While the Complete Styler model will dry, straighten, curl, wave, and smooth without extreme heat, it comes with a hefty price tag ($549.00 at Sephora) and tends to be sold out quite often. If you want one, have it in the budget, and see one in stock, grab it while you can. There are two other models (Volume + Shape and Smooth + Control) available for $499.00, as well.

Cleansing Conditioner

If you want to start speeding up your routine even before you leave the shower, try a cleaning conditioner. One warning: this may not be the best option for the driest of hair, but it can be okay in a pinch. Try The Mane Choice Prickly Pear Paradise Conditioning Cleanse Foam ($14.99, Target). All you do is wet your hair, massage it onto your scalp and into your hair, wait about a minute, then rinse it out.

Microfiber Towel

Once you’re out of the shower, the type of towel you wrap your hair in can even make a difference. A microfiber towel will absorb more water, more quickly, than your average towel. That will cut down on the time you have to spend blow-drying your hair. The Aquis Original Hair Towel should do the trick (about $20.00 on Amazon). It’s even available in several different colors and patterns.

While you may never get your hair routine down to two minutes or less without a drastic change to your style, you can still minimize it with a few tools and products. Which ones do you really need? That’ll depend on your current routine.

If you always wash your hair at night, you may not need the hair dryer or microfiber towel, but the flat iron or even the Dyson styler (in case your hair is still damp when you wake up) could be just the things that will make a huge difference in your morning routine.


Crystal Schwanke

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