Spiritual Prose

The Coming of Christ

When we needed the outer form of a savior You were there for us.

When our conscious mind matures we turn within rather than without to find You there, not separate or apart but one in the same with ourselves.

We are moving toward Christ consciousness.

Am I My Brother And Sister’s Keeper?

In consciousness I am.

On a small scale I can feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless. On a grand scale we can heal the world.

We are all individual expressions of the Divine, covered over by our misconceptions and clothed in humanity.

We have come from Love, we exist in Love and to Love we shall return.

With this knowledge truth will come and so will abundance.

Maureen Ramsay Hughes

Maureen Ramsay Hughes is an inspirational writer, a former member of the advertising sales team for Fayette Woman magazine, and a devoted mother and grandmother. She invites your emails to mo_grandmamoses@yahoo.com.

December 21, 2010