Simple and Spectacular Spring Decorating

Radiant flowers, butterflies, and birds let us know that spring is in bloom all around. What better way to transition into spring than by bringing some of nature’s brilliant décor inside the home? The warm weather brings an abundance of beautiful blooms, perfect for creating lovely spring floral arrangements to adorn your entryway, living room, and dining table. Similar to how the signs of spring seem to pop up unexpectedly, you can mimic mother nature by displaying bright, colorful centerpieces; beautiful, bold bouquets; and playful, whimsical touches to several different areas of your home. Read on to discover some simple ways to spruce up your house with the most telltale signs of spring.

Creating flower arrangements is one way to invite spring into your home. One easy DIY idea includes creating a dynamic-yet-dainty display by filling small glass votives or mint julep cups with small, bright blooms and displaying them on a dramatic two-tiered cake stand. For another attractive cake stand-filler, create several small- and medium-sized twig nests and fill them with small speckled eggs and faux birds. Place the smaller nests on the highest platform, and larger nests on the lower ones. Then, add branches, leaves, bits of ribbon, and pastel-colored flowers to fill in the gaps between the nests. More fun flower arrangement ideas include placing a bouquet of bright, blooming tulips into a clear or translucent takeout box and setting it on a breakfast bar, or filling a rustic aluminum watering pot with hydrangeas and peonies and placing it on your front porch.

One way you can create a stunning spring-themed table arrangement is by stacking the interior of a wide, cylindrical glass vase with brightly-colored fresh vegetables, then filling the rest with flowers. You can use asparagus, kumquats, or even large red lettuce leaves as filler. In a separate small vase or cup, arrange a bouquet of brightly colored flowers in water. Place the flowers inside of the cylindrical vase so the vegetable filler is pushed against the walls of the vase. The filler will hide the smaller vase or cup and become the base of a beautiful arrangement. The bright, green asparagus stalks provide a lively base for an arrangement of pink roses and hyacinths. If you chose kumquats as your filler, use a bundle of cheery yellow tulips as your coordinating flower bouquet.

If you have truly caught spring fever and are looking for a more drastic décor update, try brightening up your entryway, breakfast nook, or bedroom with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that reflects the freshness of spring (think cool cucumber green or soothing blue), and then play up the renewed space with matching table runners and napkins, throw pillows, or accessories. Adding a simple pair of sheer curtains to a sunny room will filter the light and create movement as they dance in the spring breeze. Nowadays, sheers come in a variety of barely-there pale colors, as well as patterns like stripes and oversized polka dots, so finding a window dressing that works with your décor is easy. Add a jute rug and grouping of flower prints mounted in simple wooden frames to add charm to the room and help it to “sing” spring.

Channel the fresh feeling of spring into your home through simple floral arrangements, garden-fresh table centerpieces, and sometimes even a gallon of paint. From small and simple updates to total room makeovers, freshening up your home for spring is a fun and enjoyable undertaking, and one you can look forward to through every changing season.





Kristin Hauch-Melton

Kristin Hauch-Melton is a writer and communications consultant. She earned a degree in Communications and Business from University of North Florida, serves on the board for the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and lives in Peachtree City with her husband, horse, and dog.