Sandra Jones is Mother of the Year 2016


Ashlie Newton hugging her mother Sandra Jones at her high school graduation.

Sandra Jones, 67, of Fayetteville, was nominated for the 2016 Mother of the Year Award by her daughter, Ashlie Newton. Ashlie writes:

She is my rock, the knower of all things, my idol, my go to gal, but most importantly, she is my mother.  I am the youngest of four.  I have an older sister and two older step-brothers.

She comes from the small town of Lincolnton, Ga., (near Augusta) where she was born the oldest of two. She has a younger sister. Her father passed away when she was 20 years old from a heart attack. She was always there to take care/help her mother and her grandmother. She married, had my sister at 21, had multiple miscarriages before she got pregnant with me at 28, when the doctors told her that I would not survive and to go ahead and prepare herself for it.

She and my father divorced shortly after I was born.  My mother raised my sister and I eight more years before she remarried. She did everything during this time, she worked full time, cooked dinner and every other meal that we needed, did yard work, laundry, cleaned house, was at every school function that my sister and I had.  She made sure that we had everything that we needed and just about everything that we wanted all the time and hid her struggles and exhaustion.

She remarried and took on two more children, boys at that. These boys did not have a mom in their lives at this time, so she stepped in and took on that role without missing a beat. As four children in a blended family, we had many struggles but our parents rarely let us see them struggle and worked their butts off to provide for us. She was always at every event that each of us participated in and were always willing to help us with anything that we needed. My mother did all of these and still managed to help her mother and grandmother out with many things.

My mother not only raised four children but was also there to help at a moments notice with 10 grandchildren. She has watched her mother become bedridden because of back problems/surgeries but also started experiencing some of those same back problems herself and keep going… trying to act like nothing is wrong.

My step father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s years ago and she has been right there with him during this whole ordeal and still keeps him at home to care for him. My mom has been at rock bottom and still stood strong for her family and continues to be a sounding board for her children and grandchildren.

She is a wonderful Christian woman who would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it. She would go without in order to help you or someone in need.

 – Ashlie Newton


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