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Admittedly, the most essential and most used room in the house is the bathroom, or in many cases, bathrooms. And, it can be one of the most disruptive and expensive rooms to remodel. If you don’t have the time, energy, or funds to take on such a massive task (and most of us don’t), you can tap into your creative side and add some fun, do-it-yourself touches that won’t break your budget or test your patience.


Add a whimsical touch

Step away from the traditional bathroom styles and release your artsy-fartsy inner self in one of your small bathrooms. Remember your teen years when the brightest, craziest things adorned your room? You weren’t afraid to try something different. Why the fear now? Select a dazzlingly patterned shower curtain that makes you sing as soon as you step in the shower. Or grab a canvas, some brilliant acrylics and paint your own imaginative work of art that is a funky focal point. Grab an unusual container to set by the commode to hold extra toilet tissue. Refurbish an old ladder or connect pipes to use as a towel holder. Forget about the traditional hotel-white linens—go for bright and bold. If it’s whimsical, it doesn’t necessarily have to have a theme or have a reason to be—just let yourself go.


Introduce Personal Touches

Make the powder room that guests use an insight into your life—past and present. Create a collage of travel photos on one wall. Add some vintage family photos or collection pieces on a shelf. Your great-grandma’s chamber pot is the perfect place to set extra rolls of toilet tissue. If you have room for one of your small antique tables, use it to display a vintage vase with fresh flowers or seasonal greenery from the yard, or add a small decorative lamp to brighten a corner.


What’s Underfoot

Instead of traditional fluffy bath rugs that mat down the minute they are stepped on, add a colorful, patterned runner that spans the length of the room. Or add a couple smaller rugs that bring a blitz of brightness to the space. A rug can put you in the right frame of mind in the morning. How can you step on a rug that says, “hello gorgeous” or “rise and shine,” without garnering a small smile? Bring in an indoor/outdoor rug to add some texture and color. Think about the necessary demon underfoot in some bathrooms—scales. Yours can be sophistically beautiful, highly humorous or technologically telling. Choose what fits your style—and watch your weight!


Light it Up

Many decorators and homeowners are adding non-traditional light fixtures in bathrooms. Think of glittering glass chandeliers for a focal point that adds a rainbow prism of light. Not into something so formal? Consider the numerous rustic farmhouse-style fixtures that add warmth and style to your décor. In addition, there are sleek, modern designs for the homeowner who likes simple contemporary lines. And don’t forget wall sconces and vanity lighting. There are many different styles and finishes to choose from that can quickly transform the look of your room. Vanity lighting cannot only change the look of a room, but it can change your look as well. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to put on makeup with dim or unflattering lighting, so make sure the lights you install emit the light you need to create your best self. Think style combined with function. You can add a wall-mounted or free-standing lighted magnifying mirror to find that evasive chin hair that pops up overnight or to perfect your eye makeup. Grab a small lamp from another room in your home, add a new shade or complimentary garnishments, such as tassels or ribbon, and place it on your vanity for a soft lighting touch. And, don’t forget the light of candles to create a relaxing atmosphere for a well-deserved soak in the tub.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a necessity of life, especially in the bathroom. They can be unwelcome truth tellers or complimentary friends—just like bathroom scales. Mirrors can also be a delightful, inexpensive way to give your bathroom a new look. Shape, style, and size choices are endless. Some decorators choose tilting frameless oval or round mirrors, or dominating oversized pieces—framed or unframed. Modern decorators may go with contemporary or art deco–inspired designs that have glass tile or beveled frames. Some may simply hang from a chain. The ultra-modern or funky designs may have lighted Hollywood-style frames that add glamour and glitz. Contrast these to the distressed and worn farmhouse look. Imagine the popular sliding barn door on a smaller scale covering a rustic-framed mirror. Repurpose an old medicine cabinet into a charming piece by adding a frame and vintage hardware. A well-selected mirror can become the focal point of your bathroom and a reflection of your creative self.


A Test of Skills

For those of you who believe you have the skills and determination to tackle a larger project, there are a few beginner-level endeavors you may want to consider. It might be wise to search “how to” videos and DIY websites for guidance. Honestly assess your abilities and patience before beginning. It is almost guaranteed that the project will take twice as long as you expect and cost double what you anticipate. And, truthfully, if you are doing it with a spouse, it may not be a relationship building experience. One simple project may be adding shiplap to one or more walls to create the trendy farmhouse look.

Or, you can simply change out your faucets, toilet tissue holder and towel rods to update a room. Laying floor tile is another project that some do-it-yourselfers try to conquer—wall and shower tile installations can be trickier. Keep in mind that your projects may require certain tools to complete the job. It’s an added expense if you have to purchase these. Renting or borrowing may be an option. Whether you revamp, renew or redecorate let your creative energy guide you and make it fun.

Change can be a good thing!

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