Rainy Chastine


Life through the lens with Rainy Chastine November 2007 issue

We featured Fayette photographer Rainy Chastine on the cover of Fayette Woman in November 2007. Owner of Images by Rainy, a well-known studio in Fayetteville, she was also the cover photographer for Fayette Woman for several years.

It was our pleasure to share her journey as a photographer, which began when her father gave her a Brownie camera nearly 50 years ago. She began her photographic career in Fayette in a converted garage at her home and cleaned homes and rolled newspapers to raise the funds to open her studio near the square in Fayetteville. Rainy resolved that if she ever made enough for herself as a photographer she would give to others.

“These days my life’s work is shooting in Africa with the White Coat Brigade. My images help recruit more doctors for the cause. I have gone on several trips and will continue  along with my world travel. I’m proud of that!” – Rainy Chastine.

She has photographed thousands of men, women, and children over the years, including the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in services to community charities, churches, schools, and the United Way.

Rainy Chastine

Rainy Chastine

These days she’s working at home again and travelling around the world, always with a camera in hand.

Rainy and her husband, Todd, are parents of three children, two sons, Gray and Colton, and a daughter, Summer, whom they adopted from Russia when she was three years old. The boys are in college now and teenaged Summer continues to fill their home with joy. The Chastines also fostered several children before adopting Summer.

Thanks, Rainy, for sharing this heartwarming story with us and for generously sharing your heart with our community and the world.     


Joyce Beverly

Former publisher of Fayette Woman, Joyce Beverly spends her time now helping others realize their dreams by writing and editing books and helping families preserve their legacies through story-telling.

December 5, 2018
December 5, 2018