Memories To Share

There is nothing more treasured than a homemade, one-of-a-kind gift that touches the heart. And there is nothing more satisfying than creating that gift for a special person in your life, be it your mother, friend, child, grandparent, sibling or spouse, or even yourself.

Memories are Made of This

Throughout our lives memories are made of times shared, moments lived, relationships, and life-changing and mundane experiences. Not to mention the tears, laughter, joy, and sorrow that we often share with those closest to us.

Those moments are stored in the vast crevices of our minds, but, unfortunately, they may become lost, distorted or forgotten over time. Why not create a memory jar filled with these special remembrances?

Selecting the Container

You can find a decorative or plain glass jar at many craft stores, thrift shops or home stores. Simple mason jars also work well and come in varying hues and designs. Determine the size of the container you’ll need. A few written memories fit into a small jar; however, if you plan to include ticket stubs, photos, mementos or a number of memory cards, then choose a larger jar. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a jar. You can use a decorative box, a tin, a vase or even a family heirloom such as a teapot or childhood cookie jar.

So Many Options for Your Imagination

Memory boxes or jars are only as limited as your imagination. You can solicit written memories from family and friends for a special birthday or an anniversary celebration. Some responses may be sentimental and others humorous. You can celebrate a specific year, maybe a first wedding anniversary or a child’s first year, with notes and photos. A container of ticket stubs commemorates the plays, concerts or special events attended over time. Celebrate a retirement by placing notes from former and present coworkers into a container and adding the retiree’s business cards that she has had over the years.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the perfect occasions to create a jar full of memories for your parents. Recording special moments from your lives recreates the parent/child bonds that may have been forgotten through the years. Solicit input from siblings and grandchildren, or make it uniquely yours.

Fill a vacation memory jar with sand, soil, shells or stones from the places visited. Add small photos, maps and ticket stubs.

Celebrate your child’s Sweet 16 birthday, graduation or religious milestone with a jar full of notes or personalized prayers. Giving a going away party for a neighbor or friend? Send them off with notes from neighbors wishing them well. Organizing a wedding shower? Have attendees place their favorite memory of the couple or some words of marital advice to the pair in a decorated container.

Recording the Memories

There are simple and inventive ways to record your memories. You can handwrite thoughts on slips of paper. Using different colored ink or varying shapes or shades of paper adds an array of color to a transparent jar. You can roll the slips of paper and tie each with colorful twine or ribbon to add a festive flair.  

Use your computer to print memories on decorative blank business cards. These are available on perforated sheets that feed into printers.

An additional creative idea is to use a permanent marker to write short thoughts or memories on smooth river rocks. Or script your messages on the back of photos. Small wooden blocks are also an imaginative idea. The options are endless. The internet and Pinterest can help inspire you.

Whatever you choose, enjoy creating this unique gift to honor someone in your life. And top it off with a pretty ribbon, bow or tag.

A tag I put on the memory jar I made for my mother. This jar of notes was one of her most treasured items.

Happy Mother’s Day

Though we may be miles apart, I want you to know that you’re always in my heart. For 52 years you have given me many beautiful memories, laughter, and joy. When you are lonely or want to share a special memory, just reach into this jar and pull out one of 52 “thank you’s” from me to you. I love you.

Shar Peters

Shar Peters has been freelance writing for more than 20 years. She lives in Peachtree City with her husband, Charlie, and their two dogs. Shar loves to travel, and with children and grandchildren living in six different states, there is always someone to visit, something to do, and a guaranteed new adventure in store.

May 22, 2018