Make ‘me time’ with a home retreat

In today’s hectic, schedule-driven world, it’s difficult to slam on the breaks and demand a breather from life’s everyday routine. For many of us, running at full speed without reprieve has become a way of life. Sure, you might have time for a quick 10-minute break in between dry cleaning drop-offs and after school pick-ups, but do you really schedule special time just for you? Time allocated for total-body rejuvenation, reconnecting to a childhood dream, reading an adventure story, or just simply getting lost in your own thoughts? Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a career woman, making time for yourself is a must. Especially in our over-stimulated world, these relaxing rituals and personal home retreat spaces will have you feeling renewed and refreshed.


The soft illumination of the candles with further your journey into relaxation.

If spa treatments seem appealing to you, then set aside some time to pamper yourself at home. Remember, you deserve to spend a few luxurious hours soaking in the tub!
Once you have chosen a bathtub in your home and cleared out the clutter, begin gathering the essentials for your aromatherapy soak: scented bath oils, slow-burning candles, fluffy towels, and a silky robe. When shopping for the perfect bath oils, try eucalyptus or lavender, which have been proven to help reduce stress, or sage, which is said to sharpen your memory and calm your mind. Treat yourself to some high-quality Egyptian cotton towels and a satin robe to slip into after your soak. Be sure to have your iPod speakers close by, ready with a playlist of soft music. While you are soaking, be sure to breathe deeply and close your eyes, and let the hot steam moisten nasal passages and relax achy muscles.


Find a cozy space and a comfy chair in your home to curl up with a book- no distractions, just imagination.

When was the last time you curled up with a great novel and let yourself slip away to another world? Reading can be one of the most delicious treats you can indulge in, and creating the perfect reading retreat will help you to enjoy every minute spent with a good book.
Does your home have a sunroom, spare bedroom, or unused nook? Scope out a few potential areas tucked far away from everyday distractions and electronics. Once you have settled on the perfect spot, begin filling the space with your own personal library. As you surround yourself with books, reflect on some of your favorites and keep them close by to encourage a reunion. Add a comfortable chair and ottoman to your space and a reading floor lamp. Place a small table nearby to hold your teacup, reading glasses, and a candle. Visit your local bookstore and splurge on a few new novels and a journal to record your thoughts and reflections. Be sure to play instrumental music while you are reading, and don’t be surprised if you doze off!


To reach ultimate solitude in your outdoor retreat, allow yourself to feel enclosed.

Undoubtedly, there is something about nature that is soothing for the mind and energizing for the body. The sound of busy birds chirping, the soft aroma of flowering plants, and the warmth of the glistening sun on your skin will awaken the senses. Whether you have a patio, gazebo, or deck in your backyard, you can transform it into your own sanctuary.
The key to an outdoor retreat is to feel enclosed. Surround the perimeter of your area with shrubs or fences, then fill it in with your favorite flowers and garden treasures. Add a pair of weather-resistant chairs and a side table large enough to hold lemonade and iced tea. Add a birdfeeder to welcome visitors and a wind chime to play nature’s melody as you daydream in your sunny space.

Whether you retreat to the spa or outdoors, creating a personal space is the perfect way to unplug from the world and recharge. Making the time to find your inner peace and perspective will help keep you healthy and balanced for years to come

“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”  –  K.T. Jong

Kristin Hauch-Melton

Kristin Hauch-Melton is a writer and communications consultant. She earned a degree in Communications and Business from University of North Florida, serves on the board for the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and lives in Peachtree City with her husband, horse, and dog.

February 27, 2015