Largest Law Firm on Southside of Atlanta is Now in Peachtree City


As a Peachtree City resident, Marc Avidano was more than happy to establish a local office of Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC, where he has been a personal injury attorney for 13 years. Founded in 1890 and based in McDonough, SWWW is the largest law firm on the Southside of Atlanta. But until January, the firm lacked a presence in Fayette and Coweta counties.

Marc has practiced law for over two decades and focuses exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Personal injury can involve anything from automobile accidents to slip and falls to dog bites, Marc says. He also handles tractor-trailer litigation, and wrongful death cases.

Marc Avidano is a personal injury attorney with the law firm Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC.

“We pride ourselves on having a personal relationship with each and every client, meaning that when I handle cases, I meet with the client individually from the first day they come in the door,” Marc says. “They have my direct contact information so they can call me whenever needed.”

Marc says he’s also prepared to go the extra mile and fight for his clients.

“We recently resolved a slip and fall case with a large retailer after they first denied the claim,” Marc says. “My client was unable to work and needed surgery, and the retailer didn’t want to pay. We ended up filing suit and got a very positive result.

“I am not afraid to handle a case where the other side may say, ‘We are not at fault. We are not going to pay any money.’ When we handle these cases, we simply go ahead and file suit and see it through to the end.”

Marc also defends clients in personal injury cases. “It gives me a good perspective on personal injury cases, because I prosecute some cases and defend others,” Marc says.

When it comes to wrongful death cases, SWWW typically establishes an estate in the victim’s name right away and every stage of the process is handled in-house at the firm.

Marc says, “We recently handled a matter involving a tractor-trailer crash in Middle Georgia with multiple fatalities. We represent the family of one of the people who passed away.”

Marc is joined in the Peachtree City office by Brandon Palmer who was raised in Paulding County. He’s a Georgia State University law grad who handles real estate closings and general civil litigation in areas such as eminent domain and condemnation, tax appeals, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Brandon Palmer is an attorney with Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC. He handles real estate closings and general civil litigation in areas such as eminent domain and condemnation, tax appeals, and landlord/tenant disputes.

“I often handle complex local government cases, land use matters and title dispute cases from here in south metro to North Georgia,” Brandon says.

Shortly after joining SWWW, he took on a case for a small city in east Georgia against a county government with much deeper pockets. The county had cut off the city’s access to the Emergency-911 system, which meant that city police could not use the county’s radio system to get back in touch with dispatch.

Brandon explains. “We appealed all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court to win that case.”

That victory was significant for cities throughout the state, Brandon says, because without the court process they established, cities would be unable to compel counties to come to the table and negotiate in good faith.

On other days, Brandon may represent school boards in disputes over property tax assessments, or property owners in challenges to the value of land seized through eminent domain by the state highway department, or even a real estate closing.

“The most rewarding aspect of practicing law is taking somebody who has been harmed in some way and helping them get back to the way they were before their harmful occurrence,” Brandon says. “In other areas it’s about helping people better their lives, such as closing on the purchase of a house.”

Smith, Welch, Webb & White currently has 24 attorneys on staff. “We can handle whatever legal needs people have outside of what Brandon and I may do,” says Marc. “We have attorneys from the other SWWW offices who will travel to meet with clients here in Peachtree City, so we are able to offer full-service legal representation.”

The Peachtree City office of Smith, Welch, Webb & White is at 101 World Drive, Suite 100. To learn more about their services or to schedule a case evaluation with attorneys Marc Avidano or Brandon Palmer, call 470-400-7999 or visit


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December 4, 2019