Fayette County’s Women of Public Service Where Is She Now? Justice Carla McMillian

Tell us a little bit about how your life has changed since your January 2013 Fayette Woman cover.
January 2013 was an exciting month for me. Not only was I on the cover of Fayette Woman as the State Court Judge in Fayette County, but Governor Nathan Deal elevated me to a position on the Georgia Court of Appeals. I took office on January 24, 2013. I served on the Court of Appeals for seven years, and during that time, had a statewide election where I became the first Asian American to be elected statewide in Georgia. Earlier this year, Governor Brian Kemp appointed me to serve on the Georgia Supreme Court.

What has surprised you most about your new position as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia?
What has surprised me most is how well the Court has been able to adapt to working from home during the pandemic. Not only do I have my home office set up for me to work remotely with my staff, who are also working from home, but the Court has also been able to conduct oral argument by Zoom. Chief Justice Melton presides in the Supreme Court courtroom in Atlanta, but the rest of the Justices hear oral arguments from their homes around the state with the attorneys also arguing from their homes or offices.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy working with my new colleagues on opinions. There are only nine Justices on the Court, so we work closely together in reviewing the complex cases that come before our Court.

What’s new with your family life? How do you spend your time outside the courtroom?
This was the first year out of elementary with my daughter in sixth grade and my son in tenth grade at Landmark Christian School. They had successful years despite the coronavirus outbreak. My son spends most of his time socially distancing at the golf course, practicing for his next season, which was cut short this year. My daughter is a dancer on the competition team at Carla’s Dance Factory. I spend my free time supporting the kids’ activities or volunteering at the school or Dogwood Church.

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