Expert tips on how to be consistent


Patti K. and friend Sue Roberts enjoy the benefits of consistent exercise.

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My friend Sue and I had the pleasure of taking a long bike ride down the Silver Comet Trail back in early December. It is the coolest thing! If you ever have a chance to experience this unique trail in our great state of Georgia, do so! In fact, it was the best bike ride I have ever taken. Check out all the details about the trail by visiting

Sue and I planned the two-day trip several months out. The weekend arrived and it was perfectly clear weather in the 50s…AWESOME!  We traveled 56 miles the first day to make it to our final destination in Cedartown, Ga. We stayed at a hotel and couldn’t wait to get there, get a shower, eat some dinner, and SLEEP!

We ended up in bed before 8:00 p.m. We are typically early risers, but we were up even earlier than usual the next morning and had nothing to do for a few hours. Everything we had brought was in a small backpack without any extra space for books.

So I did a very rare thing and turned on the TV. I scanned through and there was a cooking competition show called Top Chef. It caught my attention as I am not a great cook nor do I like to cook. I thought I might be able to get some ideas.

I was intrigued with one chef who created a wonderful dish, but all three judges had a different experience with his creation. One said it was fabulous but two said that the pasta was falling apart and shared a couple of other issues.

The chef chimed in, “I guess I wasn’t consistent.” The one judge said, “consistency is everything!”

I really gave this a lot of thought and feel that consistency is super important in so many ways. Take our bike ride, for example. We had to build up to be able to do a bike ride with a distance of 56 miles. That takes consistent training and all-around decent health. But if we don’t get on a bike regularly, there is no way to be able to take this type of challenge. By the way, this was our longest ride ever and then we had to come back…another 55 miles the second day. WOW!!!

Think about that chef, or anything we do regularly. There must be consistency in order to improve and also to build credibility to see results. If you are not consistent in what is required, you cannot be counted upon. That’s a surefire way to stifle growth opportunities. Reaching goals will be very difficult without consistency.

3 tips on how to be consistent:

  • Decide that consistency is non-negotiable. I decided several years ago that exercise is a huge key to staying healthy. I made a decision to incorporate this into my daily schedule and now it is a habit.
  • You must have a plan and stick to it.  Carving out time to make sure that what you do is consistent is a must. I find that a written goal book or goal sheet is a fantastic way to measure and keep track. Another idea is to create an appointment on your calendar. If you have a goal to cook better or cycle faster or anything else for that matter, what do you need to do or learn in order to improve? Have you committed to it?
  • You must get started. How many times do we tell ourselves that we’ll get started next month or “when I get this done, I’ll be able to do that?” Or, “I’ll do that later.” Before you know it, you will have gone through your life and wondered why you didn’t accomplish some of the things you wanted to do.

Make the decision today to incorporate something important to you into your life.  Whatever that looks like, make a plan and, most important, get started! Be consistent and allow the process to work its magic in your life. You’ll be happy you did!


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March 29, 2016