Expert products for dark circles


If you didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night…no problem! Whip out one of these amazing products and nobody will tell the difference.

Got dark circles? If the answer is yes, it could be for one of many reasons—being a mom, being a student, working too hard, allergies, or even genetics. But cheer up; once you determine the color of those circles, you’ll be able to start working on cancelling them out.

Concealing dark circles under the eyes starts with determining which color your circles actually are, because even the best concealers and color correctors won’t work if they aren’t trying to cancel out the right color. You may want to consider two products if your circles are very dark—a color corrector and a concealer that matches your skin tone. Get ready to make those circles vanish!

The easiest way to get the perfect product or products, of course, is to visit a department store counter and have the salesperson match you up. Tell her you want something to cancel out the color of your circles, not just match your skin. (Keep in mind that you’ll need a skin tone shade to cover any blemishes.) You can also consult the color wheel. If your circles are blue-tinged, you’ll need a concealer with an orange or peach undertone. If your circles are purple-tinged, try yellow. There are color-correcting products out there designed just for this, like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer and Bobbi Brown’s Corrector, but if your circles are very light, you may be able to get away with using a concealer designed for someone with pink undertones.

First, apply your moisturizing eye cream and foundation, if you choose to wear one. An eye cream will help the concealer go on more smoothly and help keep it from settling into the fine lines under your eyes (everybody has them!). Think of it as a primer. Or use a primer there, if you already have one that you use under your foundation.

Once your eye cream or primer has settled, use a flat, synthetic brush like the Essence of Beauty brush to tap the concealer or color corrector on the darkest part of the circle, usually at the inner corner of the eye. Pat the edges out and down to cover the rest of the circle without leaving an obvious line where the concealer ends and skin begins.

Once you’re satisfied with the color correction, if you still need additional coverage or you feel that the yellow or orange (or peach) is too obvious, you can go over the top with a separate, lightweight concealer that matches your skin tone. Even a creamy formula will work if you have dry skin. For example, Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer  can be used on top of the corrector from the same line. Use a small fluffy domed brush to set the whole area under the eyes with a translucent powder to prevent unsightly creasing there. That’s always a dead giveaway that you’re covering up the circles and you’re not feeling as rejuvenated and ready to take on the day as you meant to look.

If it seems that no matter what you use, what you do, or how thinly you layer your concealer, it keeps flaking or settling into fine lines, you may wish to try a mineral foundation as a concealer. Using a small fluffy brush, close your eyes and start at the area closest to the nose, brushing downward and over to cover the whole under-eye area. Another bonus to using the mineral powder this way is that it usually offers at least some sun protection. Several companies claim that their mineral makeup offers SPF 15, though that number may not be accurate depending on how much you use. It’s still wise to use a daily sunscreen on your face, but a little extra from your makeup won’t hurt. If you like the coverage, you can use it all over your face and then double up on the application under the eyes. Try Mica Beauty Cosmetics.

Once you discover your perfect combination, you may be surprised by how alert you can look within just a minute or two in the morning.

Crystal Schwanke

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February 14, 2016