DIY scented sachets relieve stress, promote sleep

Your good night's sleep essentials.

Your good night’s sleep essentials.

Arts and crafts are both rewarding and relaxing, and they are great for stress relief.

Likewise, a good night’s sleep is also vital to one’s health and wellbeing. The practice of placing certain herbs and scented sachets under pillows has been used for centuries to promote a restful night’s sleep. For instance, lavender is considered soothing, relaxing, and eases headaches. Lemon balm relieves stress, anxiousness, nervousness, insomnia, and headaches. Chamomile is calming and is said to keep bad dreams away.

This project combines the relaxation of crafting with the soothing effects of herbs to create these beautiful sachets.


• 4 x 5.75 inch drawstring fabric gift bags

• Lace ribbon

• Fabric flowers and other embellishments, such as buttons and vintage jewelry

• Fabric glue

• Dried herbs

Be sure to cute the ribbon to slightly overlap over the bag, then use the fabric glue to hold it into place. Next, add any embellishments such as fabric flowers or even vintage jewelry. Finally, let it dry and place it next to your pillow.