DIY Photo Lantern

Stop storing your photos on your phone! Use this easy craft project to bring your favorite pictures out of the cloud so you can enjoy them every day.


4 frames

Printable Vellum Sheets




Paper Cutter or Scissors


Painters Tape


Remove the backing and glass from the frames. You will use the glass, but the rest can be discarded. Paint the frames in the color of your choice.

Print your favorite photos onto the vellum sheets. I chose to print in black and white, however, you can also create this project with color photos.

Using the glass as a template, lay it over the photos and trace around the glass with a marker.

Use a paper cutter or scissors and cut over the marker lines. Make sure the photos lay flat in the frame. Trim if necessary.

Add a thin line of glue around the inside rim of the frame and add the printed vellum.

Add another line of glue around the inside of the rim of the frame over the printed vellum, then insert the glass. Set aside and allow the glue to dry.

Use glue to join the four frames together to create a square. Wrap them with painters tape to hold in place. Remove the tape once the glue has set.

Place a candle inside the lantern and reminisce in the glow of your favorite photos.