DIY: Not Your Cookie Cutter Ornament

This Christmas ornament is actually made using a cookie cutter, however, it is far from any ordinary ornament found in stores!

Is cookie baking one of your favorite holiday traditions? No? Then use your cookie cutters to add a sweet touch to your Christmas tree.


Star Cookie Cutter

Scrapbook Paper

Small Bottle Brush Tree  


Jingle Bell


Bakers Twine

Tacky Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Paper Cutter or Scissors

Cut a strip of the scrapbook paper that will wrap around the exterior of the cookie cutter. The paper should be slightly narrower that the width of the cookie cutter.


Wrap the strip of paper around the cookie cutter, securing with tacky glue.


Glue the bottle brush tree to the button using hot glue. Then glue the button and the tree to the inside of the star.


Thread the ribbon and the bakers twine through the notch in the jingle bell.


Tie a knot using the ends of the twine to create a loop which will be used to hang the ornament.


Tie the ribbon into a bow. Use hot glue to attach the bow to the top of the star.


December 4, 2019
December 4, 2019