Christina Britt

Christina at her ‘happy place’ in Athens: Ben Burton park.
Christina Britt June 2018

Christina Britt June 2018
Photos by Marie Thomas • Makeup by Bridgit Crider

Christina Britt is all about serving others. A marketing major at UGA, she hopes to land a job with a non-profit after graduation. In the meantime, however, she’s already living her passion.

She’s part of UGA’s Miracle Family Relations Club, in which about 130 members pair up with a family who has a child at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. These “fam pals” go to the kids’ dance performances and other events, meet the family for dinner, hang out with the kids, and more. Last year, Christina personally raised $2,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network, part of UGA’s total $1.4 million raised for the nonprofit. She’s also volunteered for eleven years with Restoration Atlanta, a transition shelter for homeless women and their children.

“The only eternal thing in this world is relationships. No matter how busy life gets, invest in those around you and love like Jesus loved.”

“The Lord has always pulled on my heartstrings for the homeless,” she says. “So often, they really just need someone to see them and talk to them like people and to hear their stories. It’s extremely emotional work, but it’s an absolutely amazing experience.”

Last summer, Christina completed an internship with Restoration Atlanta in which she was in charge of the kid’s camp.

Christina at her ‘happy place’ in Athens: Ben Burton park.

Christina at her ‘happy place’ in Athens: Ben Burton park.

“That was just wonderful,” she says. “Working with all those young kids, helping them find fun and just be kids. It was terrific.”

As if all that isn’t enough, she started her own nonprofit, SOUL, shortly after moving to Athens for college. SOUL, which stands for Serving Others with Unconditional Love, participates in a whole host of volunteer activities and fundraisers.

Friends of SOUL

Friends of SOUL work to put together small-acts-of-kindness bags to give others.

“It was a small idea that the Lord took and amplified,” she says. “Originally, we decided to be part of the movement that attaches small, positive notes to individual flowers and hands them out randomly. People were so happy, so excited – and so many people stopped and said ‘I really needed this today.’ So then we thought, why don’t we start a club where people can just engage in small acts of kindness? That’s how SOUL was born.”

Since then, the group has participated in monthly feed-the-homeless lunches with Athens PBJ’s. They also, coordinate youth programming for The Sparrow’s Nest, which serves people in need of meals, groceries, showers, and more, and regularly visits a local retirement home to do crafts with residents, call bingo, and more. The SOUL group has grown quite large, and it’s structured so that individuals can choose which projects they want to be involved with and when.

Christina poses at a dance marathon with her Miracle family.

“It just really works well since people have different class schedules and other commitments,” Christina says. “It allows people to do as much or as little as they can or want to – and still make a difference.”

While SOUL’s activity has grown, they still hand out flowers and notes from time to time.

“Small acts of kindness go such a long way,” Christina says. “I think we forget that in our busy day-to-day lives, but it’s true. It’s amazing how much a smile and a kind gesture can change someone’s day. And that’s how you change lives: one day, one moment, one gesture at a time.”


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Photos by Marie Thomas • Makeup by Bridgit Crider



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