Christina Allen is Mother of the Year 2016

Christina Allen with her husband

Christina Allen with her husband Casey and their five children: Landon, Kaley, Abby, Ayden, and Anna Grace

Christina Allen, 38, of Fayetteville, was nominated for the 2016 Mother of the Year Award by her husband, Casey, and all of her five children. Her husband writes:

This mom puts on her Wonder Woman cape everyday to be a mother to five kids, a manager at five successful healthcare practices, sits on multiple boards at Piedmont Hospital, and is an outstanding wife to a very stubborn husband.

My wife and best friend deserves this recognition for many reasons. But the one reason that stands out beyond any other is she puts others FIRST before she ever thinks of herself. Rather it being her last bite of food on her plate to share with one of the kids or giving up her offices at her work so that her staff can have the space to work in. She works wherever she needs to just to be able complete her task so that others can be efficient enough to make her healthcare practices run smooth. My wife thinks of everyone first without selfishly thinking of her own wants and needs.

Christina has opened up her heart not only to be a mother to her own children, Landon 16, Ayden 9, Anna Grace 8, but to two more children, Kaley 15, and Abby, soon to be 14. She gives strong morals in the house to show what family is really suppose to be like through daily chores or being active in the church where GOD comes first in our family.

Son Landon, 16, writes:

She provides for me daily and works her butt off daily to provide for not only me but for the rest of the family and she doesn’t get enough credit for it.

She is the best mom I could have and she doesn’t get enough credit for what she does for me and my family.

Daughter Kaley, 15, writes:

She succeeds in loving each and every one of her kids individually, makes sure that everyone has had a great day. Every night at dinner, she always makes sure we go around the dinner table and we say what our favorite part of the day was, and if we had a bad day, we always have to be grateful for something, which is being alive.

She has shown me what a true mother daughter relationship is. And I love her.

Daughter Abby, 14, writes:

She always does something to put a smile on someone’s face and specially her own children. I feel like my mom deserves this recognition because no matter how stressful a day could be, she still can try and come home with a smile on her face.

I could seriously write for days on my mom but I would like for you to know how good of a mother she is. Any woman can birth a baby but it takes loving unconditionally and caring for that child that gives you the title mom.

Son Ayden, 9, writes:

Best Mom ever! She has tried her very best to make the nine years of my life wonderful. She can always put a smile on someone’s face if they are having a bad day.

Daughter Anna Grace, 8, says she is “The Best Mom in the Whole Entire World”:

She does stuff that makes me and everyone happy. Also she makes sure all of my needs are met before hers and that’s why I love her. Because even though she has work and is always very busy she always finds time to spend time with us and show us her love. She also does a lot of things for her family. You always have fun when you’re around her.

  – Casey, Landon, Kaley, Abby, Ayden & Anna Grace


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