Best summer workout clothes


Feel better and look better!

The dog days of summer have arrived and keeping your energy up can be a struggle, especially with the soaring temperatures and endless daylight. However, instead of feeling drained, why not get up and go do something you love? Or, perhaps try something new to boost your energy level and get your blood flowing? Whether you are a hardcore runner, a novice swimmer, or a first-time horseback rider, these summer workout clothes tips will inspire you to get up and going! Read on for advice on choosing the right fabric, fit, and style for the best summer workout clothes for the best summer workouts!

High-Impact Activities (Running and Biking):

For running and biking, you will want to focus on finding an outfit that keeps your core body temperature consistent. If you are going out for a brisk morning jog or sunset bike ride, you may choose to layer your clothes. The first layer should consist of a light moisture-wicking fabric, followed by a insulation layer, and finally a weather-proof outer shell. For runners, a singlet (or loose fitting tank top), sports bra, and shorts made from nylon or a technical fiber is the ideal outfit for a hot summer day. For bikers, choose a fitted bike jersey made of Lycra or Spandex, a sports bra, and bike shorts that have a padded crotch area. Be sure to grab your sunglasses and lather up with sunblock before heading out the door.

For high-impact activities, one of the most important features of your attire is the sports bra. Not only does a sports bra increase your overall comfort, but it also reduces the stretching and stress of the ligaments in your chest. There are two main types of sports bras: compression and encapsulation. Compression bras, which restrict the movement by compressing the breasts against the chest, are ideal for A and B cup sizes. Encapsulation bras, which uses individual cups to surround and support each breast individually, is best for D and DD cups. A combination of these two bras works well for women with C and D cup sizes. 

Low-Impact Activities (Yoga, Pilates, and Swimming):


Close fitting clothing allows your body to breathe

Yoga or Pilate classes are an easy way to sneak in a few summer body-sculpting sessions. Since both exercises include stretching and posing, it’s best to a wear close-fitting material that helps manage your sweat. For both activities, choose moisture-wicking briefs (skip the cotton undies), tight-fitting cropped leggings or pants (not shorts), and a scoop-neck tank. Be mindful of the poses you will be doing when choosing a top, as loose shirts will likely end up over your head, and “the girls” might fall right out of a deep v-neck shirt.

Swimming laps at the gym is an awesome way to burn calories while cooling off on a hot summer day. For lap swimming, one-piece racer-back suits are ideal since they allow a full range of shoulder movement. Luckily, popular swimwear companies are now offering trendy color blocked designs. Be sure you one-piece suit fits snuggly across the entire body. If the suit has extra fabric folding over your torso, try a smaller size. If the suit feels like it’s digging into your shoulders or thighs, try one size up.

Outdoor Fun (Horseback Riding and Hiking):

Saddling up during the summer is another great way to get in some fun outdoor exercise. Your attire will depend on whether you are riding English or Western. For English-style riding, a cotton-poly blend polo and 4-way stretch cotton-blend breeches (leggings with knee patches) is ideal. For Western wear, a button-up shirt with vents and comfortable jeans will do the trick. Wearing your hair in a French braid will help keep long locks tidy underneath the English helmet or Western cowboy hat.

If you are headed up to the mountains with the family this summer, hiking is a great way to take in the views while strengthening your body. Similar to running and biking, layering clothing is the best way to ensure your body temperature will remain consistent and comfortable. For the layer next to your skin, choose a moisture-wicking fabric (these are usually synthetic materials rather than a natural materials) to “wick” perspiration away from your body rather than absorbing the moisture. A loose-fitting tank top or t-shirt is the perfect first layer for summer weather. Next, add a lightweight fleece “insulation” layer, and finally a waterproof/breathable outer shell for protection against weather conditions.

One way to make this summer special is by trying a new type of exercise. Just remember, you can maintain your summer high by hitting the gym, street, dance studio, or stables for an energy-boosting workout – and look stylish while doing it!

Kristin Hauch-Melton

Kristin Hauch-Melton is a writer and communications consultant. She earned a degree in Communications and Business from University of North Florida, serves on the board for the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and lives in Peachtree City with her husband, horse, and dog.