The 3 qualities that make a great leader

Don't be a good a great one!

Don’t be a good leader…be a great one!

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When you think of leadership, do you think of the boss or the person in charge?  Certainly the boss and the person in charge can and probably are leaders, but did you know that if you influence other people, you are leading them? That’s a huge responsibility if you think about it. Influence can be powerful in positive or a negative way.

What kind of leader are you? Do you influence in a positive manner or are you an autocratic figure? Do you think of yourself as a servant leader or do you feel the follower should serve you? Do you have the courage to differentiate between the people you lead and reward those who are making an extraordinary effort, or are all of your reviews pretty much middle-of-the-road?

Here are 3 qualities that make a great leader and have made a significant difference in my business as well as in my personal life.

  • True leadership that affects people in a positive manner is servant leadership. A servant ALWAYS thinks about the other person first. It is never about what the followers should be doing for the leader, but what the leader does for the followers. It is a powerful way to build your team and build loyalty.
  • When you learn something, who is the first person you share it with? Are you one to keep your nuggets of knowledge to yourself with a mindset of scarcity? Or do you share what you learn to serve others, to add value to others, and to help others grow? Share first with those closest to you and then share with anyone else who would benefit. This is a true mindset of abundance and confidence.
  • When recognizing others or doing performance evaluations, do you tend to group everyone together, with no differentiation and no reward? Are you afraid to call someone out who has gone above and beyond? This is not a trait of a strong leader. Courage is a key to building a strong team and respect.

When it comes down to the core, true leaders think about others first. They give up much, but when they do, they continue to grow and succeed.  As a wise, but unknown person once said, “Leadership is not a title or a position, it is an action and example.”

Patti Kadkhodaian owns AJAKO, an embroidery and promotional product company in Peachtree City.  John Maxwell certified, she also adds value through coaching, workshops and speaking. Contact Patti at 678 472 1199 or or visit her websites and


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May 23, 2016