3 easy Easter tablescapes

Bunnies and Blooms!

Bunnies and Blooms!

As many women know, hosting family and friends over Easter weekend includes more than just organizing an egg hunt in the backyard. There are decorations to consider, menus to plan, and other necessary duties that must be completed in order to create a seamless, memorable occasion. One of the best ways to impress your guests is by bringing spring indoors with a beautifully decorated table. This month we’ve brought you three examples of how to design your very own Easter tablescapes. Get inspired, then create one that’s all your own!

Bunnies & Blooms 

A garden-inspired party is one way to celebrate the change of seasons. Guests will be delighted by a table décor created from fresh flowers, garden vegetables, and a few bunny accents. To create your own “flora & fauna” table, start by laying lavender-colored linen placemats at each setting. Next, set your table with white porcelain plates, and layer each plate with a “cabbage leaf” salad plate. Set out green-tinted glass stemware goblets, and place a white linen napkin (bunny-folded) on top of each salad plate. (If you aren’t sure how to do a “bunny” napkin fold, just search for instructions on YouTube).

To create table centerpieces, fill three short glass cylinders (or lowball glasses) with bright purple tulips, and then place a rubber band around the middle of each cylinder. For each centerpiece, wedge pre-peeled mini carrots in between the glass and band, one next to the other, so they cover the entire circumference of the glass. Wrap a lavender-colored ribbon around the rubber band and tie a bow. Place each tulip and carrot arrangement on a white cupcake pedestal and arrange the centerpieces down the middle of the table.

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Sentimental Style!

Sentimental Style

For some people, Easter evokes special memories of brunch at grandma’s house, perhaps gathered around the dinner table, and eating deviled eggs and ham on your great-grandma’s china. Bring back the nostalgia of yesteryear by creating a shabby-chic inspired Easter table. Vintage dishes, which can be either family heirlooms or thrift store finds, make a charming addition to the setting, along with delicate, lace-edged napkins and mini-rose patterned placemats. When searching for the perfect hand-me-down dishes, look for patterns that have floral detailing in pastel hues, and scalloped or laced edging.

To set the table, arrange dishes as you would for a formal dinner, then set a vintage glass vase in the center of the table. The vase doesn’t need to match the dishes exactly, and can also be a green or pink tinted color. Fill the vase with a large bouquet of baby’s breath, hydrangeas, peonies, and garden roses. Focus on incorporating hues such as ballet pink, pale lavender, and soft ivory. Then, wrap the circumference of the vase entirely with ivory lace ribbon. Start at the base of the vase, and crisscross the ribbon all the way to the top, ending with a bow just below the blooms.

Easter Extravaganza!

Easter Extravaganza!

Easter Egg-stravaganza 

Bright pops of color and a display of vibrant Easter eggs make the perfect table setting for a family with young children. For each place setting, lay out a coral-colored placemat and white everyday dishes. Place a turquoise-and-white polka-dot paper napkin on each plate, then place a mini Easter basket filled with candy-coated eggs. Around each chair, tie a sash made from coordinating turquoise organza ribbon.

Choose a variety of colorful spring flowers for the centerpiece. Place the flowers inside a double-walled glass vase filled with vibrant gems. If you don’t have double-walled glass vase, improvise by placing a glass cup inside the vase and filling the space it creates with beads, mini eggs, or even small candies. Gain some height by placing the vase of flowers at the top of a three-tiered cupcake stand. Fill each lower tier with vibrant faux grass and tuck in an assortment of colorful, hand-dyed eggs.

For more ideas and inspirations to help you create an Easter tablescape, be sure to check out your own flower garden. Incorporating spring’s beautiful colors on your table is a surefire way to set the mood and create Easter excitement.

Kristin Hauch-Melton

Kristin Hauch-Melton is a writer and communications consultant. She earned a degree in Communications and Business from University of North Florida, serves on the board for the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and lives in Peachtree City with her husband, horse, and dog.

March 22, 2016