The One You Should be WATCHING

  • Dana Lamb-Schaubroeck
  • Your Life
  • Jun 3, 2019

We all know a woman to watch. Perhaps it’s your mom, your sister, your friend, a neighbor. She routinely celebrates her well-crafted life with her family, friends, and in social media. Everything about her life seems charmed.

Even her skin is flawless and her hair is effortlessly styled. Is she even capable of a bad picture? She sunbathes in a tropical paradise, skis on an iconic trail, receives an award, and tantalizes us with photos of the perfect lunch with the herbs grown in her garden. Did I mention that she also just rescued a dog? And if that’s not enough, the cherry on the sundae is that her car is always spotless. Her permanent address is at the top of her game, which makes her a woman to watch.

I’m so glad there are women like this. For me personally, they inspire me to be better when I grow up. They encourage us to celebrate each other’s joys, which is such an important part of being a card-carrying member of the Extraordinary League of Womanhood. We applaud her, we revel in her hard work to be the very best she can be, and we marvel at her determination to have it all. Plus, she does it with such grace and class. She’s just undeniably awesome.

But appreciation can be a slippery slope. Though most women genuinely celebrate other women’s success in the daylight, some may flirt with comparing and contrasting in the late night hours. Maybe our love relationship is a little more HGTV and a little less Hallmark. Candlelight dinners have been replaced by flashlights under the sink trying to find the leak. As far as the kids, we’re still working on putting away the laundry the same week that it was washed. The herb garden is long neglected and dried, and last night’s fast food bag is still in the back seat. Some days, success equals survival. Because it’s not Instagram worthy to say “No one bled and nothing caught on fire today. #winning.”

Indeed, there are plenty of women to watch for personal inspiration. We are thrilled for their triumphs, their ambition, their wisdom beyond their years, and their contribution to the greater good. Beyond their mad trailblazing skills, they seem naturally confident, self-assured, intelligent, and ambitious. In them, we see reflections of the woman we were yesterday or the woman we hope to be tomorrow.

But before you get too wistful, take a quick look in the mirror. You are a woman to watch too. Maybe your accomplishments won’t be as publicly celebrated, but there is an undeniable feminine spirit that celebrates why you, sweet sister, are so incredibly and equally worthy and deserving of praise. You’re the person who actually calls, instead of texts, to check on friends. You tip generously.  You find the courage to raise a special needs child, to battle a long-term illness, or care for an aging parent. Everything you do is an all-in for your heart. Your kids are safe, balanced, and kind human beings. Love frames your life. Some of your best days are still ahead. And you know that the one thing you can do right is what you can do best right now.

So while you’re inspired watching others, watch this important woman as well. Make sure you appreciate her because she is truly priceless. She is everything humble, decent, and true in this crazy world. Her life’s rejections become her life’s rejoicings. She is passionate and purposeful, sweet and sincere. She’ll chase monsters from under the bed because she believes in the power of beautiful dreams.

Like so many women, she is a most unique mold-breaker, intriguing, irreplaceable, and inimitable. And for these reasons, I could not encourage you more to add her to the list of ones that you should be watching.