How to Wear the Gorgeous Shades of Summer

Spring and summer seemed like they would never come, but now they’re here, and it’s time to embrace the gorgeous, bright makeup shades that come with hot days. If you’re not used to color but feel like giving it a try this year, you can still ease in and enjoy the trend.

Hazy Lines

The secret to most beautiful eyeshadow application lies within the blending, and it’s especially important now (with bright or deep shades). Find a tapered, fluffy brush (like the MAC 217, $24.00 at and sweep it back and forth over the edge of the color you’ve applied with a denser brush. Then go back over the edge in tiny circles before brushing back and forth again.

Stained Lips

Something about stained lips makes the bright shades seem a little less intense. An opaque shade of pink, red, or orange might make you feel like everyone’s staring at your mouth, but lip stains in standout shades manage to look more natural.

Sheered Out Shadows

After applying your shadow primer, apply a base shade that’s close to your skin tone from lash line to brow bone, then use a fluffy brush to apply the bright shade to your lid. This gives you a sheer wash of the color you crave.

Focus on Lips and Blush for a Classic Look

Whether it’s vibrant rose or tangerine, matching your blush to your lipstick and leaving the eyes mostly bare will give you a timeless, classic look while allowing you to experiment with bright colors.

Electric Liner with Neutrals

Remember when everyone was lining their waterlines with bright white to look well-rested? Here’s a similar concept, only this time you’re using bright colors to make a statement, not necessarily look like you slept a full eight hours.

Uncomfortable with waterline application? Line your upper lashes instead of the lower ones. To get the appearance of thicker lashes that a black or brown liner provides, you can make a very thin, dark line at the base of your lashes, then layer the bright shade above that.

Another way to sport this look is to draw a bold wing with the bright shade, add mascara, and let that be it for your eye makeup.

Keep your eyeshadow shades neutral.

Make a Rainbow and Blend

If you really feel like standing out (and have more time than usual on your hands), you can create a rainbow eye. Apply a golden shade near the tear duct that fades into pink mid-lid. Then deepen the outside corner with orange. Along the lower lash line, start with the same golden shadow, but then fade into lilac in the middle, then violet or indigo on the outer edge.

Keep the color below the crease on the upper lid if you still feel uneasy about wearing color. If you’re ready to be bold with it, apply the lilac in the inner three-fourths of the crease and indigo in the outer fourth. Blend it out well and highlight below the brow bone with a matte shade that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone.

Use Pink Everywhere

The great thing about bright pink is its versatility. Wear it on your lips, cheeks, and eyes in various intensities to get a gorgeous, bright, monochromatic look. Pair it with a bronzer, and you’ll look like you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun, without the damage.

Purple Lipstick

Purple lipstick—in summer? Yes, but not just any purple. Look for lighter, brighter shades, not like the rich plums of fall and winter. Try MAC’s Up the Amp ($18.50, for a perfectly pigmented, creamy purple lipstick that’s entirely appropriate for hotter months.

Green Eye Makeup

Blue may have been popping up everywhere for years, but green is at the top of the list this year. Get as adventurous as you like. Choose a lime green liner, vibrant green just on the outer corner of the lid, or go all in with grass green across the whole lid.

Add Shine to Your Lips

The shinier your lips when you wear a bright shade, the better! Gorgeous, glossy lips are in again anyway, so even if you prefer to keep the brights to your cheeks and eyes, pick up a clear moisturizing gloss, and you’ll be just fine.

Embracing your favorite trends is an exciting way to update your look and celebrate the changing seasons. Go as bold and bright as you want. You don’t have to make a major statement if you’re just looking for a little something unusual to shake up your routine.


Crystal Schwanke

Crystal has been a freelance writer and editor since 2005. Her work has appeared on multiple channels at, as well as Mia, M Magazine, Moultrie Magazine, and others. Her interests include fashion, beauty, history, hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband and daughter. You can find her blog at

June 3, 2019