10 Beauty Secrets

Do you ever wonder if there are beauty secrets out there that could take your whole routine and look up a notch? Maybe there are.

Check out this list and see if there’s anything you’re missing that you could add to your arsenal. You may find one or two new tricks that will have you looking even better, saving time, saving money, or all three.

  1. If you store your makeup in your bedroom, it’ll last longer (or at least grow less bacteria) than if you store it in your bathroom. The humidity and frequent temperature changes in your bathroom can have a negative effect on your beauty stash. The moisture’s really not good for it.
  2. Products that contain Vitamin C can brighten your skin and cut down on the need for foundation, which saves you time and gives you a natural, healthy glow. Try Ole Henrikse n’s Truth Serum® (Sephora, $20.00).
  3. A dab of Vaseline on your pulse points before you apply your perfume can make the scent last longer. If you really want your favorite scent to linger, use the body wash, then use the Vaseline trick. Optional: a matching body lotion thrown into the mix, too, but that might be too much depending on the strength of the scent.
  4. Sleep with your hair damp—held up in buns by one to four scrunchies—for gorgeous bedhead locks. The key is to go to bed with your hair damp, but not wet. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase will help, too. It’s less likely to tug the hair out of your nighttime updo while you sleep.
  5. If you don’t enjoy part of your beauty routine, consider not doing it. Life’s too short to do things you hate, and keeping it simple will help you look fresh and beautiful. Hate taking the time to contour and highlight but feel like you should do it? Skip it. Not really into using four eye shadows to bring out your eyes? Take it down to one all-over color or one you just use on the lid. Add mascara and call it a day. You’re allowed to skip steps.
  6.  You can layer mascaras to combine their intended effects. If you have a mascara that thickens but doesn’t do much for length and one that lengthens and doesn’t give you much volume, just use both. Instead of going back in with multiple coats from one tube, do one and then the other.
  7. You can use blush to bring out your eyes. That’s usually a task reserved for eyeshadow. Look for a peach-toned blush if you have blue or gray, eyes or a pinkish-purple if you have green or amber eyes. Apply the blush high along the cheekbones instead of focusing on the apples of your cheeks.
  8. You can give your under-eye concealer back-up on the days you’re extremely tired of your allergies have your circles looking darker than ever. A light pink corrector, like Urban Decay’s light pink Naked Skin Correcting Fluid (Ulta, $29.00) is a good choice. Experiment with it by trying it under your concealer one day and on top of it the next to see which way it works best for you.
  9. There are sites out there like MatchMyMakeup.com that will help you find your perfect shade of foundation across brands. It’s all based on other foundations that match you well. Maybe the foundation you liked has been discontinued or you found a perfect color match in a formula that doesn’t mesh well with your skin type. There’s also a “dupe list” that shows you less expensive products that look—and often act—like their high-end cousins. This is also helpful if you love a product that has been discontinued. It’s always nice to have a starting point when you try to find color matches either for your skin or for products you love but can no longer use for one reason or another.
  10. You can use eyeshadow you don’t like wearing on your eyes to create a custom lip shade for yourself. Scrape the shadow into separate areas– an artist’s palette might work well for this–and make sure it’s in powdered form, not chunks. Put a bit of Vaseline into a small bowl and add eyeshadow bit by bit, stirring periodically with a toothpick, until you have a shade and opacity you like. Transfer it into a small container with a lid.

No matter how long you’ve been wearing makeup, there’s always something new to pick up. Maybe it’s a new way to use an old product. Maybe it’s a styling technique you never considered. Never be afraid to experiment.

Crystal Schwanke

Crystal has been a freelance writer and editor since 2005. Her work has appeared on multiple channels at LoveToKnow.com, as well as Mia, M Magazine, Moultrie Magazine, and others. Her interests include fashion, beauty, history, hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband and daughter. You can find her blog at http://mommybeauty.blogspot.com

April 9, 2019
April 9, 2019