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Spring is here!!!  For many, especially those who spent the early part of the year binge watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, spring represents a time to get organized and clean out your home.  But spring cleaning is not just for those messy drawers and closets. That same level of energy, organization and purpose can be used to spruce up your business.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some tips to help you organize like a boss.

  1. Organize Your Taxes

Tax season is right around the corner. No doubt, it’s been on your mind since the beginning of the year. Whether you are one of those super organized people who has everything done, or perhaps a bit of a procrastinator, use the momentum you have now to develop a system to track expenses, purchases, and corresponding paperwork throughout the year. Developing a system now will make things easier for you next year.

  1. Clean Out Your Inbox

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our email.  Staring at an inbox full of emails? The worst. At the same time, email makes the business world go ‘round, so what can you do? Organize those emails, that’s what. Set some time aside to go through your mailbox. Create some folders. Make sure you didn’t miss a request or important information. Finally, delete and unsubscribe from some of the lists that are cluttering your inbox. Take a page out of the KonMari playbook. If it doesn’t bring you joy, unsubscribe.

  1. Update Your Client and Contact Lists

Speaking of emails, remember that stack of business cards that sits on the corner of your desk? Take some time to go through them and put in three stacks, ABC.  Stack A is for potential clients you want to cultivate a connection with. Stack B is for referrals for people you know. It’s all about building connections. Stack C is for people you don’t recall meeting or don’t know where the card came from. Once that’s done, throw away Stack C. That’s right, in the trash. The rest go right into your CRM. If you’re feeling ambitious, also review some of your mailing lists, marketing campaigns and lead generation funnels. Don’t be afraid to let the organizational flow lead you to other tasks.

  1. Your Desk/Office

Now that you’ve gotten rid of that stack of business cards, and hopefully put away some of those floating receipts, doesn’t your work area look better? If you want take things to next level, do rearrange, and clean your work area.  Make sure it’s comfortable, welcoming and helps you be productive. Obviously, this will mean different things to different people, but don’t be afraid to put some thought into it and be intentional with creating your space. I often recommend incorporating a vision board to your workspace. It’s fun and can help keep you motivated.

  1. Archive Records and Paper

The type of business you have will determine how you approach your record keeping practices, but make no mistake, archiving and storing records is a deceptively daunting task. Take some time to review your current process and see if there is are ways to automate it or switch to electronic records. It could end saving you space and improve your workflow management process.

  1. Clean Out Old Inventory

While this more directly applies to e-commerce and retail businesses, solopreneurs can also benefit from purging old inventory. Maybe you have boxes of old marketing collateral or giveaways lying around. Review it and if it is outdated, get rid of it. However, as you’re getting rid of things, take note of surpluses and make necessary adjustments.  Perhaps a product didn’t sell as well as expected, or there was a mistake in the ordering process. Whatever the reason, make sure to address it.

  1. Balance Your Product or Service Offerings

This “cleaning” exercise is probably the most complex because it requires reviewing your strategic plan and product line. It is common for business owners to add extra things to their offerings; perhaps it’s an extra product, service, or event. This is a good thing because change and product evolution is a natural part of the business process. However, a common pitfall is to just keep adding things. If you add too many things, then you can become overwhelmed.

Entrepreneurs especially struggle with this because they are naturally curious, love solving problems, and tend to be very passionate about how they can help people. Those prone to suffering from Object Syndrome know this situation well. The solution: Evaluate your offerings. Review how you’re spending your time, and seriously ask yourself if your spreading yourself too thin. Talk to your employees. Get their feedback and opinions on what’s working and what’s not. Perhaps, even consult with a mentor or business coach to help you determine whether your products and services align with your business goals

Most important of all, apply the KonMari or the Ignite method.  If something you’re offering doesn’t bring joy or make money, don’t be afraid to discontinue the product or service.


Maria Hall is the Chief Empresaria at Ignite Business Coaching. She helps entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their six figure success.  Her personal mission in life is to inspire, ignite and advance positive purpose in herself and others.


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March 29, 2019
March 29, 2019