5 ways to restore damaged hair

Use these expert tips on your hair's road to recovery!

Use these expert tips on your hair’s road to recovery!

If your once shiny and healthy locks have fallen victim to heat and styling damage, you may be able to reverse the impact and reclaim your lustrous mane. Hair loss and damage affects a wide range of women, with reasons ranging from genetics to lifestyle choices and styling tools. The average woman loses between 50-150 strands of hair a day and has 150,000 strands on her head in total.

Beauty and fashion expert Emily Loftiss, also known as The Queen of Everyday Glam, offers these 5 helpful tips to keep those strands young and healthy, stopping hair’s natural aging process and to restore damaged hair.

Use a hair treatment system to restore your hair’s vibrancy. An option such as the Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System involves three steps to revive, restore and reactivate damaged hair to fight hair loss, stimulate growth, prevent split ends, battle graying and restore shine. The unique formula, which contains peptide, vitamin B, vitamin E and proteins, also provides thermal protection while adding volume and minimizing frizz.

Ensure you’re getting enough B12 in your diet. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a key cause of premature gray hair and hair loss;B12 is mainly found in food from animal products (fish, meat, milk and eggs); vegans are more likely to have a B12 deficiency that can be rectified with a supplement.

Massage hair follicles. Massaging your hair follicles will keep them active, so try to massage your scalp for a few minutes daily to stimulate circulation.

Avoid pulling/styling hair too tightly. Pulling or styling hair too tightly can lead to hair fallout. If you’ve worn a ponytail or braids for years, your chances of traction baldness are higher.

Stop smoking. Smoking has been linked to dry and brittle hair, hair loss and premature graying.

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