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Erin Moorman at her heaviest was 230 pounds.

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By the time her third child was born, Erin Moorman was up to 230 pounds. She tried working out. Six days a week for a year she hit the gym, and she lost only five pounds.

Then came a pivotal moment. “I was sitting on the grass with my child, and he started running toward the street, and I literally could not get up fast enough. I thought he was going to get hit by the car,” said Erin.
Erin, then age 36, connected with Tracy Gardner, owner and chief nutritionist with Ideal Coached Weight Loss. She introduced Erin to the Ideal Protein protocol.

Tracy explained, “It’s a partial meal replacement. They have three Ideal Protein products per day, eight ounces of protein, and four cups of vegetables.”

It was a shift in how Erin thought about food. She said, “When you’re on Ideal Protein, you are educated. Carrots are considered healthy. But carrots contain a lot of sugar.”

“I started this diet while at a dance competition with my daughter. I figured if I could get through four days of fast food, I could get through anything,” said Erin.

In four months Erin lost fifty pounds. Then, she took a three-month break. After getting back on the diet, Erin lost another thirty-five pounds in three more months.

Erin credits the quality of coaching she received from Tracy Gardner at Ideal Coached Weight Loss. “I had these highs and lows, and Tracy knew what to say and what to do to get me back on track. She knows what she’s doing. She’s inspirational,” said Erin.

“I gave her motivation and accountability. I empowered Erin, and educated about nutrition in a way that was not overwhelming,” said Tracy Gardner.

Tracy continued, “It’s how we used to eat. Make a breast of chicken with seasoning, and vegetables: a spinach salad and broccoli. Anyone can do this diet. And you can still go out and order a meal at a restaurant. I coach people on how to do that.”

Getting down to 140 pounds has been life changing for Erin. She transformed from a size 2X to a six, and no longer hates to shop.

Erin lost the 85 pounds five years ago, and she’s kept it off. When her weight fluctuates up, she goes back on the protocol for a few weeks.

There are 70 different Ideal Protein products, including drinks, bars, chips, soups, and puddings. Erin said, “I’d tasted a lot of diet food. It doesn’t taste like diet food. The food is amazing, especially the double chocolate brownies. The chicken a’ la king tastes like pot pie.”

Though she used  to hate it, Erin now enjoys  shopping. She looks  fantastic in her  size 6 dress.

Though she used
to hate it, Erin now enjoys
shopping. She looks
fantastic in her
size 6 dress.

Ideal Protein’s medically developed weight loss method tackles the root cause of weight gain–the body’s overproduction of insulin—by limiting consumption of sugars. The protocol includes the right balance of protein and other nutrients, in order to keep the body in a safe state of ketosis for rapid fat burning. Dieters receive one-on-one coaching, as well as healthy recipes, coaching videos, and educational seminars. Women following the Ideal Protein protocol lose an average of two to three pounds a week. Men lose three to five pounds a week.

Ideal Coached Weight Loss hosts free wellness seminars that feature simple ways to change habits, increase energy, lose weight and be healthier. Seats are limited, so please reserve your place in a seminar or schedule a one-on-one consultation, by calling 678-827-3770 or email

Tracy Gardner, the owner and chief nutritionist at Ideal Coached Weight Loss, knows what it’s like to be the “fat kid.” She struggled for years with her own weight. Now she knows to step back on her own program if she exceeds her goal weight. Tracy has owned clinics and coached clients since 2009. Tracy said, “It gives me joy to see the smiles and the excitement. I see people not just look better, but feel better.”

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