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Karyn recommends strength training including kettle bell exercises. Kettle bell classes are available at ProHealth.

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Remember those New Year’s resolutions? According to the Washington Post, 21% of New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight and 14% are to exercise. Where do you start when you want to lose weight or exercise more? Dr. Karyn Staples, PT, PhD, the lead Physical Therapist at ProHealth Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio in Peachtree City, recommends a three-pronged approach to ease into exercise:

  • Cardiovascular: 30 minutes aerobic activity, five times a week
    “With this kind of cardiovascular exercise, you should be able to carry on a conversation while you do it. Work hard, but not so hard that you couldn’t talk,” said Staples.
  • Strengthening: Two to three days strength training each week
    Staples says that might include lifting weights, Kettlebells, or high intensity interval training.
  • Stretching: An hour mindful movement, two-three times a week. Pilates, Yoga, or Tai Chi

“You don’t need to be overwhelmed. You can start with one of the categories first,” said Staples. “Do it for two weeks, then add another element. Wait two more weeks and add in the third. Give it six weeks to get your full time commitment.”

Staples explained that Pilates works well to be the first exercise added into a weekly routine. “It allows you to lay the best foundation for your body,” she said. Pilates strengthens postural muscles and improves the mobility of joints and body awareness. That results in fewer injuries.

Staples recommends starting with Private Pilates. She touts two reasons for that, the accountability of having an appointment with an instructor, and setting a good foundation for all future Pilates. “The staff make sure that you are doing it correctly and meeting your goal,” she said.

Karyn Staples personally trains the staff at ProHealth, and said often Pilates clients choose to exercise with them because they are also a physical therapy practice. “People come to us and trust that they won’t hurt themselves. Also, it’s our boutique-style setting—most sedentary people don’t feel comfortable going into a big group class.”
One ProHealth client like that was Jane* (name changed.) Jane came into ProHealth because she had lower back and knee pain. And she wanted to exercise with her friend. Going for a walk wouldn’t work.  They started with duet Pilates lessons.

Karyn shows proper arm positioning when performing arm exercises.

Karyn shows proper arm positioning when performing arm exercises.

Then, Jane started a private Pilates lesson each week. On her own she started weight training and cardio. “She kept Pilates as her foundation,” said Staples. Soon, the lower back pain and the knee pain resolved to the point that they no longer interfered with Jane’s daily life or her fun activities. “She felt stronger and more confident,” said Staples. “Jane would use ProHealth’s Pilates as a fix-it for when her other cardio activities didn’t quite agree with her body. Jane lost weight, and she prevented heart issues.”

ProHealth’s 10th Anniversary Celebration is on Friday, January 22, from 4:00 pm to 7:30 p.m. This evening at the Peachtree City Studio will feature exclusively offered Starter packages for Pilates, demonstrations, sample classes and refreshments.

To schedule a Private Pilates lesson or to ease into exercise with ProHealth, call their studio at 770-487-1931.  ProHealth is located at 1401 Georgian Park, Suite 120 in Peachtree City. Group, duet and trio classes are also available.

Sample Exercise Calendar:
Here’s what a week of exercise recommended by ProHealth’s Karyn Staples would look like:

MONDAY: Pilates Private Lesson, 1 hour. ½ hour Power Walk Your Neighborhood

TUESDAY: Pilates Barre Class, 1 hour

WEDNESDAY: Aerobic Dance Class

THURSDAY: Weight Training Class and Yoga

FRIDAY: Go Dancing with your Friends or Take a Ballroom Class

SATURDAY: High Intensity Interval Kettlebell Training

SUNDAY: Walk around Lake Peachtree

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