How to adopt a more feminine style

You don't have to change your entire wardrobe to create outfits that make you feel beautiful and confident.

You don’t have to change your entire wardrobe to create outfits that make you feel beautiful and confident.

Have you ever experienced the irony of simultaneously soaking up an elegant, Cinderella-type chick flick while lying on the couch with embarrassingly frizzy hair, wearing your old, faded college t-shirt and worn-out sweats? Even better, throw in a pizza and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and the entire scenario would easily be classified as a bonafide girl fest. So, how do you get back in touch with your inner goddess? Start with small changes in your wardrobe. Adding a feminine style to your existing style can easily snowball into an overall change to your lifestyle and routine. Keep reading for ways to reconnect with your feminine side, and add a bit of bounce to your step.

Even if you have fully receded into an unrefined outfit routine, don’t fret. There’s always time to turn your style around. Start by making small changes so you don’t overwhelm yourself (or your wallet). Little modifications, such as trading in your worn-out skinny jeans for a pair of classy ankle-length flat-front trousers, can make a big difference in your overall look. Instead of donning oversized sweaters, try layering more delicate materials such as silk and cashmere under a tailored coat. If you want a classic look without the hefty price tag, purchase a few structured tops, such as a crisp, collared, V-neck wrap shirt. Browse for shoes that have dainty details, such as straps, patterns, and embellishments.

No matter how ladylike you aspire to be, the comfort and correct fit of your outfit should always be top priority. There’s nothing refined about constantly tugging at a pesky waistband or yanking on too-tight, too-long, or too-baggy long sleeves. If you find a piece that you love, but don’t love the fit, then get it altered. With so many mass-produced clothing items available for purchase, it is a rare occasion to find an outfit that fits perfectly. If you aren’t certain what changes can be made to the item, then stop by a local alterations boutique and consult the experts. For example, for women under 5’4”, pencil skirts that hit just above the knee are ideal to create the illusion of a longer leg. Hemming a skirt just a few inches can create a more feminine look. For other women, some useful tailoring tricks include slimming baggy sleeves, raising necklines, and altering coat waistlines to reduce bagginess and enhance silhouette.

Don’t be afraid to add a few girly-girl pieces to your collection. Forgo the childish pink hearts and rainbows, and look for items that are classy, sophisticated, and timeless. For example, an ivory button-up peacoat with a rounded collar would look darling with a soft pink knit scarf and matching mittens. Another idea is to find a cardigan or blouse with ruffles and make it your statement piece. Ruffles? Like the kind a child’s doll wears? Yes, ruffles. They have made a huge comeback on the runway the last few seasons. The key to rocking the “adult ruffle” is to find a piece where the ruffle takes center stage in a dramatic way – for example, a blouse with ruffled sleeves or a cardigan with big ruffles around the wrists and hem. Balance out the girlie vibe by choosing pieces in bold colors such as green, blue, or black.

Another secret to establishing a more refined style all around is to make a few changes to your private life. Make the time to pamper yourself, create a beauty routine, and take care of your skin and nails. Treat yourself to a new haircut, a manicure, or a relaxing massage. Be sure to visit the perfume counter and connect with a “signature scent” that makes you feel beautiful no matter what you are wearing. Stop by the lingerie boutique and pick up a pair of silky pajamas and a robe, and a few matching bra/underwear sets. Even though you won’t be in the public eye, it’s important that you feel beautiful at all times – even behind closed doors.

Although most women wouldn’t be caught dead in their sweats at the supermarket, it’s easy to slip up when the weather is cold and groggy, and your UGG boots are just an arms length away. So, when you feel like you are just going through the motions (with thoughtless, humdrum style), take the time to get in touch with your inner goddess and watch the changes blossom before your eyes!

Kristin Hauch-Melton

Kristin Hauch-Melton is a writer and communications consultant. She earned a degree in Communications and Business from University of North Florida, serves on the board for the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and lives in Peachtree City with her husband, horse, and dog.

February 4, 2016