5 easy romantic hairstyles

  • Crystal Schwanke
  • Beauty
  • Feb 2, 2016

Here’s a great example of a soft, but textured hair for a great evening look!

The key to romantic hairstyles is touchability, whether your hair is up or down. Strive for hair with texture that begs your date to touch it and doesn’t look so perfect that he’s worried about messing it up.

Here’s 5 easy romantic hairstyles for your Valentine’s Day date or your formal work party, regardless, you’ll look stunning.

The Undone Bun

To make a bun look more romantic than ballet-inspired, you’ll need to place it at the nape of the neck and keep it loose rather than slicked back. Turn your head upside down and spray a texturizing spray on dry hair, then scrunch it. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and loosely twist it around the base. Secure it by inserting bobby pins with the open section pointed out, then flip them over and push into the bun. This anchors the hair more effectively than inserting the open ends of the pins directly into the bun and tucking them straight in. Take the pointed end of a rattail comb and tug the top section up to add more height at the crown, then pull out a few face-framing pieces.

The Messy Braid

Braid the length of a low, slightly off-center ponytail. Before securing it, pinch the end and use your thumb and forefinger on the other hand to roughen up the braid from top to bottom, giving the style an imperfect look with some sections that are larger than others. Hold the finished product together with an elastic. Tie a small strip of ribbon there to cover it, or pull a piece of your own hair up and around to hide the elastic, holding it in place with a bobby pin. Wearing the braid over one shoulder gives a romantic, feminine look.

The Twist

Section off the hair at the crown and clip it out of the way. Loosely twist a section from the temple on one or both sides toward the back of the head and secure with a discreet clip, barrette, or hair pins. Release the top section of the hair so that it further hides what you used to hold the hair in place. If your hair is straight, take a few random chunks and wrap them around the barrel of a large curling iron to add waves for texture.

Half Up with Volume

Imagine a vertical line from each pupil up to the hair line. Part the hair back to the crown on each side and clip the section in the middle. Spray the roots of 1” sections behind the clipped portion with hairspray and backcomb with a fine-toothed comb. Release the hair you secured earlier and separate that into front and back halves, smoothing the back half over the teased hair with a boar bristle brush for shine and smoothness. Draw an imaginary line from the top of one ear to the top of the other around the back of the head and secure that hair at the base of the pouf.

Sweep the leftover front section across the forehead and tuck behind one ear. You can leave it like that or add a headband to separate the “bangs” section from the pouf.

Waves and Flips

If your hair is on the short-to-medium side, all you need is a little texture. Take a 1” or 1-1/2” barrel curling iron and twist the ends around it. You can make haphazard waves that go in all directions or just flip the ends up and away from the face. Twist a small section or two away from the face and secure with a hair accessory that features a flower, pearls, rhinestones, or lace.

Whether you have a few trailing tendrils framing your face and falling strategically from a side bun or you have a head full of loose waves, a style that doesn’t look too “done” is much more romantic than perfect chignons, tight twists, or hair you spent an hour getting pin-straight.

Crystal Schwanke

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