3 expert winter beauty hacks


Fight back the winter frizz and dry skin with these helpful tips and products!

Winter can wreak havoc on your look, from your complexion to your hair. There are ways you can fight back, however, and you may even have some of the ingredients you need in your home. Say goodbye to itchy skin, frizzy hair that only a hat can tame, and red, irritated cheeks.

Your Face

Your face is usually bare, exposed to blasting heaters and ice cold winds. Both take the moisture out of your skin and leave you with flakes, irritation, redness, and more. Investing in a heavier moisturizer may be enough for some, but there are some other tricks you can try, too, like removing your makeup with olive oil. Pat the oil on with a soft cloth, allow it to dissolve the makeup for a moment, then wipe it away and wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Moisturize as usual.

If you need a moisturizing mask that will soothe irritated skin, try LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic. To keep your complexion glowing and slough off dead, dry skin, exfoliate with a washcloth or a gentle exfoliating product, like Origins Modern Friction.

Don’t skip sunscreen in the mornings just because it’s dreary out. If you don’t want to layer the moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup, you can choose a sunscreen/moisturizer combination. Try one like Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer. There are several formulas to meet the needs of any skin type, and the Very Dry to Dry version could be your solution for parched skin.

Your Body

It’s important to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. A technique called dry-brushing can help with that and improve your circulation. In addition, dry brushing is said to reduce cellulite, tone and firm the skin, stimulate oil glands, aid digestion, and improve the functionality of the nervous system. Choose a long-handled brush with soft, natural bristles. Before your shower, “brush” the skin in long strokes toward the heart. You can start at your feet and work your way up, or start at the neck and work your way down the body.

Coconut oil is amazing for your skin and your hair, too. After your shower, smooth on extra virgin coconut oil. Don’t let the chunky texture fool you; it will emulsify and sink effortlessly into your skin upon contact with your body heat. Keep it away from especially acne-prone areas. Jojoba oil, though generally not as moisturizing, is better for those areas. You can even use jojoba on your face as your nighttime moisturizer.

Your Hair

When it’s cold outside, you’re less likely to let your hair dry naturally, which means more exposure to the heat from blow dryers. Your hair, too, is subject to those drastically shifting temperatures from inside heaters to dry, cold air outside. To get even more use out of that jar of coconut oil, scoop some out, warm it in your hands, and rub it through your hair (avoid the roots). Wrap your hair in a towel for 15 to 30 minutes, then shampoo the coconut oil out. Coconut oil promotes hair growth, strength, and shine in addition to the conditioning properties.

Don’t forget to protect your hair from the heat of styling tools. Spray on TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray  or Tigi S-Factor Heat Defender Flat Iron Shine Spray before you use your hair dryer, straightening iron, or curling iron.

Winter doesn’t have to cause you stress. With a few tweaks to your beauty routine, you’ll be able to fight the flakes, get rid of the frizz, and reduce your itchiness. You may even reap a few additional benefits, like cellulite reduction.

Crystal Schwanke

Crystal has been a freelance writer and editor since 2005. Her work has appeared on multiple channels at LoveToKnow.com, as well as Mia, M Magazine, Moultrie Magazine, and others. Her interests include fashion, beauty, history, hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband and daughter. You can find her blog at http://mommybeauty.blogspot.com