Read. Ride. Run. Lose weight.


Heading out for a run while vacationing in Florida earlier this month. (See bottom for before and after photos.)

Hi, I’m Jill Prouty, a 44-year-old librarian, wife, and mother of two boys (not necessarily in that order). Last year, after a lifetime of going up and down on the scale culminating in reaching an all time high of 270 pounds, I made the decision to give weight loss one more try. To date, I’ve lost over 100 pounds, and I’m anxious to share some of what I’ve learned in order to help others who may have thrown in the towel for the last time. I invite you to join me right here, every week, as I share some of my experiences, including favorite recipes, workouts, and products. Are you ready?

Nutrition Basics (or, Eat Me!)

My journey began (and continues) at Weight Watchers. One thing I’ve learned over the course of the past year is that not all food is created equal. When I started WW, they had a program they called Simple Start, which focused on healthful whole foods. I did Simple Start for two weeks, so by the time I moved onto the Points Plus program, I naturally gravitated toward the right foods. What are the right foods, you ask?

Fresh fruits and veggies
Whole grain breads and pasta
Fat free or low fat dairy
Lean meats
Healthy fats (these include olive oil, avocado, nuts/seeds, etc.)

Before you purchase an item at the grocery store, stop and ask yourself: Is this food, or is it food product? Avoid the latter. Look at the ingredients. Do you recognize most of them? If not, put it back.



Morning of the Shamrock Run. March 13, 2015.

Move It or Lose It

Exercise is an important component to weight loss. Start small. The very first step I took in increasing my activity was taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I
only had to walk up one level. That’s it. Park a little further out when shopping. Baby steps add up. Eventually I moved on to indoor cycling, or Spin. I’ve since
incorporated Pilates, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and running into my workout routine.

Speaking of running, I ran the Shamrock 5K in Newnan on March 13, 2015. It was the first race I participated in where I ran the entire way – a huge accomplishment for me! My goal was to finish in under 40 minutes. I knew I was in good shape when I was within a block of the finish line and I was 2 1/2 songs ahead in my playlist. My chip time was 35:01.


Recipe Spotlight

One of my favorite breakfasts is egg, guac, and salsa on whole wheat toast. It’s simple. Put a piece of whole wheat bread in the toaster and cook an egg over easy. After the toast pops up, slather on two tablespoons of guacamole. Put the egg on top and spoon two tablespoons of salsa onto the egg. Voila! Even better…enjoy with a cup of coffee and a side of fruit.


My favorite breakfast!


What to Read

I truly believe reading has contributed to my weight loss success. I make it a habit to read Weight Watchers Magazine, Women’s Health, and Runner’s World. It keeps your mind in the right place. Don’t want to pay for a subscription? If you live in Peachtree City, you already are via Peachtree City Library’s subscription to Zinio. You can sign up for an account and download the app to read magazines on your Kindle, smartphone, or other mobile device.

On my bedside table right now is Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin (Crown, 2015). After all, weight loss is dependent upon establishing healthy habits that stick. Read with me. Discussion to follow soon.


Before: Cancun, 2011.



After: Cocoa Beach, 2015.


Until next week, think about one small change you can make now. Ideas: Limit eating out to once a week, park a little further away at work, or take the stairs.

Jill Prouty

Jill is a reader, writer, and professional librarian who enjoys spending her free time with her husband of twelve years and their two sons. She has an MSLS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

March 30, 2015
March 30, 2015