Easy Tips to Add Curb Appeal

Spring is in the air and it’s time to refresh your outside space. Whether you are trying to sell your house or just want to make your front landscape more attractive, try some of these easy tips guaranteed to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Focus on the entrance

Think beyond neutral and paint your front door an eye-catching color that complements the house. Hang a wreath that coordinates with the paint color and reflects your personal style. Give the entrance a sense of importance by placing two large pots of plants on either side of the door. If you have a front porch or a set of stairs leading to the front entrance, mass several pots of plants together, but stick with a scheme of just two or three colors.

Clean or replace any outdated hardware such as the door knob, door knocker, house numbers, mailbox and exterior lighting. Coordinate the look based on the style of your house. For a more contemporary look, choose brushed nickel hardware and for a more traditional look, choose black or bronze. If new exterior lighting is not in your budget, consider inexpensive solar lights to illuminate the path to your front door. Purchase a fresh welcome mat and power wash mildew stains from the driveway and sidewalk leading up to your entrance.

Prune your foundation plants

If you have lived in your home for awhile, the evergreen shrubs around your home’s foundation may be overgrown or unsightly. A quick fix for added curb appeal is to cut back and shape shrubs so they do not hide your windows and your front entrance. Thin out shrubs that are growing too close together and remove those that are diseased or are too large for the space. Limb up large trees to create a nice canopy and allow additional sunlight to your lawn area.

Give some attention to your lawn

Most front yards have a big lawn, so give this area some special care. Take a soil sample to your local extension office to find out what nutrients your turf needs and then add these important amendments as instructed in the report. This might include spreading dolomitic limestone and adding fertilizer. Use a pre-emergent weed preventer to cut down on unsightly weeds and keep your turf trimmed and edged for a neat and attractive appearance.


Update your garden beds

Focus most of your attention on enhancing the flower beds closest to your entrance and where people gather by planting colorful annuals and flowering and fragrant perennials. You can add other appealing focal points like a garden bench or water feature. Even one area of color adds enormous curb appeal.

Next, consider updating your other front garden beds if they are filled with tired plants that aren’t performing well. Don’t have the budget to get a professional design plan? Do a little research on plants that thrive in our Southern gardens. Check out the Georgia Gold Medal winners at http://www.georgiagoldmedalplants.org/.

Select just a few different plants for your design based on the sunlight requirements (sun or shade). Mass plant several of the same plants together for a bigger impact. Place plants that will grow large in the back of the bed, medium size plants in the middle and small plants near the front. For added appeal, choose plants that bloom in different seasons so you enjoy color all year long. If your mailbox is at the street, why not make it a focal point by adding a bed around it with a mixture of evergreen and blooming plants and a flowering vine to trail over the top of the mailbox. Mulch all your planting beds for a neat and finished look.

Take some time today to walk around your front yard and assess what tips will work for you, then write up a priority list and get started! Soon you will be rewarded with curb appeal that will be the envy of your neighbors.


Bonnie Helander

I am a writer and blogger with a specialty in gardening and a proud graduate of the University Of Georgia. I live in Peachtree City with husband, Dan, and enjoy hiking, gardening, being a member of the Peachtree City Garden Club and rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs!