Fit, Fab, and (Not Quite) 40 – Pt. 10

Thanksgiving could have been a disaster, but I survived thanks to the “rotisserie-style” cycle class at Ultimate Fitness on Thanksgiving morning. I started off my turkey day burning about 450 calories, how ’bout you?

Hair is a little longer, body is a little slimmer.

I’m finally closing in on 30 lbs! I’m dropping weight a little faster these days, thanks to my Weight Watchers cookbooks. Okay, so I finally gave in and started watching my diet. I didn’t join WW, but I have in the last two years, so I just got my materials back out and started doing the program again. What can I say? It works.

When I first reported the exciting results to my trainer James, he took the opportunity to remind me of the three-prong formula: cardio; weights; diet. Not “pick your favorite two,” he said. I guess I just needed to come to that conclusion on my own.

So here’s how we’ve been doing the meals in our house – it isn’t hard. I eat a simple breakfast: oatmeal, fruit, and coffee. I bring my lunch to work, usually a tuna salad sandwich made with fat-free mayo or a Smart Ones entree (my favorite is the spaghetti with meat sauce). Then for dinner my husband cooks a meal from one of the WW cookbooks. Lately he’s been using the Weight Watchers Momentum Cookbook (c. 2008). We usually cook three times a week and eat leftovers the other two days. Did I mention the meals are quite tasty? We haven’t had a bad one yet.

I continue to cycle on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I workout with James on Tuesdays and Thursdays using the elliptical machine and weights.
Now that I’m on the homestretch, I’ve been thinking about goals again. I’ve got 15 more pounds to lose to reach the weight I was when I got married ten years ago. I can see it, smell it, and feel it – it’s that close! But I’m not going to stop there. I’d like to go another 20 before my 40th birthday in March. I know it sounds like a lot, but I think it’s within my reach.

I love to ride...

Then what? Part of what has helped me be successful is the accountability I get from doing this blog, so I’m not going to totally end “Fit, Fab, and (Not Quite) 40.” Obviously, I’ll need to change the name, and I may not check in as often, but I’ll still be here.

I see myself taking on more challenges (both fitness and non-fitness) in the upcoming year, which I’ll share with you all. I feel more invigorated after undergoing this lifestyle change and the results I’ve seen in the gym have spilled into the other parts of my life. Heck, it was even noted in my performance evaluation at work! I can’t say at this point what these new challenges will be, but I’ve got all kinds of things swirling around in my head, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, keep moving!

Jill Prouty

Jill is a reader, writer, and professional librarian who enjoys spending her free time with her husband of twelve years and their two sons. She has an MSLS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.