Fit, Fab and (Not Quite) 40 – Pt. 7

I fell off the wagon.

When did the downward spiral start?  I went on vacation and never fully recovered.  I exercised while I was out of town, but I ate fried food and pie too – and lots of it.  When I got back I recovered slightly, but then we had a table at the Slippery When Wet concert at The Fred last weekend.  We ate lots of food  and drank lots of beer.

He looks like Jon Bon Jovi - sounds like him too!

  Ok, I thought, I’ll get back with the program on Sunday.  But that didn’t happen.  I ate my way through the week, culminating in a late night visit to Taco on Wednesday night.  I felt sick after I finished off my Nachos Bel Grande and 7-Layer Burrito.  That’s when it hit me.  I had fallen off the wagon.

I emailed my trainer James that night and confessed.  I begged for help.  What he gave me instead was a swift kick in the pants, “I’m going to kick your — at the gym tomorrow!”

I got my food journal out the next morning.  You know, the one I was told to write in every day.  My last entry?  April 30th.  Ugh.

On the bright side – it’s not a total loss.  Because I had kept up the exercise, I’d only gained back about 5 pounds.  The next day at the gym James and I had a good workout and a good talk.  He reminded me to make the small changes we’d talked about since the beginning – fat free mayo, Greek yogurt, light dressing on the side, etc.  And no late-night visits to Taco Bell!

Sweating it out in cycle class.

To those who struggle as I do with weight – don’t give up!  It’s ok to make a mistake.  They key is to recognize it when it happens and get back on track.  Ask for help from friends and family – that’s what I did.  They helped me back up and gave me a shove back in the right direction.

I’m happy to report that I wrote in my food journal Thursday and Friday and I’ll be headed to the gym tomorrow morning for 8:15 spin.  Who’s with me?

Jill Prouty

Jill is a reader, writer, and professional librarian who enjoys spending her free time with her husband of twelve years and their two sons. She has an MSLS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

September 5, 2010