June 19 through 25

June 19 — grape tomatoes ripe on the plants in the backyard — yum!

Today (June 20) I placed a pot on the table.  I like this pot — my daughter made it.

June 21 — first day of summer — the lilies by the front porch are about to bloom.

The Virginia Creeper is climbing the back deck steps — June 22

June 23 — Jennifer Leslie (11 Alive) was in the house interviewing my husband for a segment to air on Sunday.

June 24 — my son’s birthday — chocolate cake with Nutella filling — YUM!

Cloud 7 — pumping gas on June 25


Donna Rosser is a fine art photographer, writer, and teacher. She leads various photography workshops and shows her work in nationally recognized exhibits and galleries. Donna writes a popular blog that attracts readers from all over the world.