June 12 through 18

June 12 — heading to the dinner at the Simple Pleasures photography exhibit in Senoia.

Early in the morning on June 13 — a find — an empty building that is probably scheduled for demo soon.

June 14 — sunset from the deck.

Beautiful lilies blooming in the backyard pond — June 15.

June 16 — a visit to A Novel Experience in Zebulon — that place has lots of mirrors to use for fun photos.  I like the stacks in the background.

June 17 and the echinacea continues to be a great subject — beautiful display of blooms at different stages.

Dog park buddies resting — June 18.


Donna Rosser is a fine art photographer, writer, and teacher. She leads various photography workshops and shows her work in nationally recognized exhibits and galleries. Donna writes a popular blog that attracts readers from all over the world.

June 21, 2010