A Tribute to the Matriarch

As we evolve spiritually and mentally our society is prone to swing like a pendulum from the far left to the far right before reaching harmony or a balance we can live with. For, who knows how many centuries we had existed in this patriarchal society denying women the equal rights of suffrage, priesthood and leadership. The implications run deep for in doing so we have stifled the feminine aspects of the Creator: intuition, nurturing and arbitration by peaceful means rather than by war.

As a nation we branded our Native American ancestors as savage and their religion as pagan. When we take a closer look at the Native American culture we find not only a love of Mother Earth, but also a belief in an ever-present God whose heart beats like the beat of a drum at her core. Everything that exists on earth, all of her inhabitants, including all plant and animal life pulsate with the heartbeat of the living God giving life and filling all creation with a spiritual presence.

Jackie, my mama, 1959

Jackie, my mother, 1959

In reading the recent articles of outstanding women in our country, past and present, I thought of the unsung heroines of my own family, each a beautiful matriarch in her own right: Thelma, my nanny, the sweetest grandmother of all; a Renaissance lady who exuded unconditional love with a cheerful and non judgmental attitude; open minded, fun-loving, gifted with the ultimate maternal instinct.  Maude Blount, my Mama Ramsay, a woman of faith, godly, a feminist unaware, a spokeswoman for Florida teachers, an activist for teachers’ rights and benefits, the “rock” of her brood with the strength of Samson, courageous to the core.  Jackie, my mama, a 95 pound dynamo of love who melted many young men’s hearts in her day; spiritual prayer warrior who has moved mountains without even knowing it; a shining light and ray of hope to the elderly; an adopted mother to many; gorgeous and ageless, the envy of her girlfriends. These precious three are every bit as outstanding and incredible as any celebrity.

This Mother’s Day I honor women everywhere, but most of all I’ll remember Mama

Mothers are magnificent miracles moving mountains with their mantras.

Mother’s Day Letter, May 9, 2010

Mom, there is no one like you. You have more than surpassed my expectations of a mother and you have lived a life of loyalty and undying love for your family and friends.

I could not have survived these past sixty-five years without your smile and encouraging words. Yes, I have overcome many of life’s challenges; one of the main reasons is that I have always felt your love. You have never abandoned me even in the darkness of my own wilderness experience.

Mom's 80th birthday

You are still the most beautiful mother in the entire world. Your gorgeous smile and eyes that can say a million loving words have brought hope and happiness to us all. Whoever chose who I’m glad it was you.

I am so proud of you. You have fulfilled my dreams of what a mother should be. Words cannot seem to say how much I love you.

Maureen Ramsay Hughes

Maureen Ramsay Hughes

Maureen Ramsay Hughes is an inspirational writer, a former member of the advertising sales team for Fayette Woman magazine, and a devoted mother and grandmother. She invites your emails to mo_grandmamoses@yahoo.com.

April 26, 2010