Painted Chairs Add a Splash of Color to the Garden

Years ago while visiting Seaside, the quaint and picturesque resort town in Florida, I noticed dozens of painted

Painted Vintage Chairs and Swing

Adirondack chairs situated outside a restaurant near the shore. The chairs were painted a variety of hues and invited people to sit, relax and enjoy the ocean. I always remembered this scene and thought it would be fun to add a splash of color to my own garden someday by painting old garden chairs.

This year, my vintage wooden chairs, needed some serious repair if I wanted to actually use them for seating.

One of my relatives had already crashed through the seat of one of my rotting but charming chairs! My husband repaired the chairs, and I decided now was the time to add color. I selected four paint colors – yellow, salmon, purple and red. I was a little nervous about my unusual paint combination and afraid the total effect would look more garish than charming. But, I reasoned, it is only paint, and you can always paint over mistakes!

My Birdhouse was refreshed using three of the paints I used on the chairs.

I painted the chairs last fall and they really stood out in the winter garden against the deciduous trees and plants, bare of leaves. Now that the foliage is filling in, the chairs aren’t so noticeable but do provide that splash of color amid the azaleas that I was looking for. I also painted a swing and one of the birdhouses. Now, you may not like the results, but I am happy with my “new look” in the garden.

Painting old garden “junk” can really add some interest and whimsy to the garden. Why not try it!

I got carried away and even painted my whirly-gig on top of the swing!

Bonnie Helander

I am a writer and blogger with a specialty in gardening and a proud graduate of the University Of Georgia. I live in Peachtree City with husband, Dan, and enjoy hiking, gardening, being a member of the Peachtree City Garden Club and rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs!

April 7, 2010