March 18 through 24

March 18 — at the Starbuck’s drive thru window.

March 19 — sitting at a stoplight on Robinson Rd.

March 20 — Sams Lake Bird Sanctuary — one of the properties owned and maintained by Southern Conservation Trust and also a property featured in the Nature Undisturbed 2010 photo exhibit opening at Dogwood Gallery April 10.

I love this — the cat sits around just taking a ‘cat nap’ where she feels like it — this is the kitchen March 21.

Signs of spring March 22 — lilies poking through the ground.

March 23 — a couple dogs attacked my Sadie — thank goodness the only injuries were to her ear.  A few staples later and she was snoozing on the couch.

March 24 — a beautiful sunset.


Donna Rosser is a fine art photographer, writer, and teacher. She leads various photography workshops and shows her work in nationally recognized exhibits and galleries. Donna writes a popular blog that attracts readers from all over the world.

March 31, 2010