Fit, Fab, and (Not Quite) 40 – Pt. 1

After turning 39 on March 15, I made a commitment to start taking better care of myself so that I will be “fit and fabulous” when I turn 40 next year. Well, I’m on my way.

Last week I began my workouts with my personal trainer. James Robison has worked at Partner’s II Pizza in Peachtree City for as long as I can remember. About ten years ago, tired of being overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle, James joined a gym and lost 80 pounds…and kept it off. James is still at Partner’s, but he moonlights as a personal trainer and spin instructor. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at Ultimate Fitness in the same shopping center as Partner‘s. James started me off slow last week, re-introducing me to the Nautilus machines. I say “re-introducing” because I‘ve joined gyms over the years and never really learned how to use them correctly. Here’s one thing I’ve discovered – the more I chit-chat, the harder he works me. If I’m still gabbing after three sets, James throws in a fourth. He told me to not even try faking it because he could tell how hard I was working by my facial expressions, breathing, etc.

I also had my first weigh-in last Thursday. I’m not going to share my starting weight, but I will share how much I’ve lost every month. That’s right, every month. James is not allowing me near the scale until a month is up. Reason? He said the gym if full of people in January, right after everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions. Then after a week or two of not seeing immediate results they get discouraged and quit. 

I have to admit, today I did not want to work out. It seemed like an unusually long day at work, and I just wanted to go home and rest. But I showed up. I was late, but I still showed. And James had me work my legs so hard that I had to grip the railing going down the steps leaving the gym. (I found out via Facebook that he was with a mutual friend over at Yknot’s afterwards. She said they watched me carefully navigate the steps from their table.  Thanks guys!)

James has also instructed me to keep a food journal. Last night I ate at Partner’s right after working out and for the first time I didn’t load my salad with Partner’s Special dressing. I used the low-cal Italian instead. I miss you Partner’s Special! (*Sigh*) Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to get used to it 🙂

Jill Prouty

Jill is a reader, writer, and professional librarian who enjoys spending her free time with her husband of twelve years and their two sons. She has an MSLS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

March 31, 2010