I love the four seasons and look forward to the changes which show up periodically as each one evolves into the other.  Some might complain about this long winter we’re having. For me, it is the inland hot summers that I enjoy the least. Sounds rather strange coming from a native Floridian, yet I’ve grown accustomed to the cooler temperatures, an occasional white blanket of snow, and feel invigorated by it.

We moved to Fayette County in the early 80’s from Cooper City, Florida, a small town in Broward County, not too far from Ft. Lauderdale. Back in the 70’s Cooper City was beginning to grow. A good distance west of the ocean, it was a bit of country living. Seeing a young person on horseback near the local shopping center was fairly common. The town of Davie, whose claim to fame was having the only rodeo in the area, was close by.

In ’83 my former husband put in a request to Eastern Airlines for a transfer from Miama to the Atlanta base. We were looking for a change of scenery and a new beginning in our marriage. I remember making the drive to Georgia with our two children, excited at the prospect of exploring Fayette County, which was recommended to us as a thriving family community with an excellent public school system and full of airline personnel. After living on a postage stamp size lot in Florida, acquiring a home on two plus acres of land was beyond our wildest dreams.  Though I would miss family, friends, and living close to the ocean, and always remain loyal to the University of Florida, the more time I spent here the more I felt on a deeper level that I belonged here. My political and spiritual views seemed more radical than those of most people I encountered, eventually causing me to look for our similarities rather than our differences.

Little did I know at the time that a completely new life would be born out of turmoil.  For the next five years my life was turned upside down mentally and emotionally affecting my whole family. Out of this chaos came a glimmer of light which continues to expand even today.  I once gave a plaque to a friend of mine that read ” If you’re going through hell keep going”.

My experience has been that when life’s challenges present themselves, it’s not the time to throw in the towel; quite the contrary, for we have been given an opportunity to grow. On the other side of the struggle peace and happiness await us. It now becomes apparent: the mistakes and failures are all part of the journey to God, awakening us to the love which abounds, among us and within us.

Change is growth

Growth is of the spirit

And the spirit is love

Welcome change

It’s about love


Spirit speaks in parables and with symbols.

As we close the door on “old man winter” the

evidence of new life is springing up everywhere.

The promise of rebirth and hope is reflected in

The colorful blooms of flowering plants and in

the clear blue sky above. The  brilliant  sun

with her majestic sunset reminds us of the

eternal beam of light captured by our very

own souls. Like our Brother, “We are the Light

of the world.”

Roll back the stone. Transformation is upon

Us. Sacrifice and suffering become former

Truths as we travel the pathway of the heart

Learning through love rather than pain.

From the Course in Miracles: “Don’t cling to

The old rugged cross. Join me in the


May the tribes of all nations join in peace and

harmony to raise the consciousness of

mankind. Together we shall heal our troubled


Maureen Ramsay Hughes

Maureen Ramsay Hughes

Maureen Ramsay Hughes is an inspirational writer, a former member of the advertising sales team for Fayette Woman magazine, and a devoted mother and grandmother. She invites your emails to