Real love

real_love_shutterstock_2781635More years of experience and growth have brought about a change in my perception. Viewing life “in the gray” and behind the scenes has replaced a dogmatic outlook, a black and white type of thinking.

For myself there are more exceptions to the rules and every situation and person is unique. Simultaneously the concept of oneness has emerged in my consciousness. We are unique and we are one, cut from the same cloth, another spiritual paradox.

We are created with divine differences, the many faces of God.

We all have love at our core with the potential of expressing love. Some of us are more wounded than others, some of us more healed. Some of us are more loving, some loved more than others, but we all have the power to nurture ourselves, which spreads like a domino effect to those around us.

Mystical Marriage

The marriage ritual is a celebration of life symbolic of our unity and oneness with each other and our Creator.

It is this sacred bond of spirituality that holds two people together allowing us to put our egos aside as we practice unconditional love. Real Love is about honor, respect and recognition of the beauty within each other’s soul.

Since Adam and Eve we have been programmed as sinners forgetting that we were created from the Original Love. When the fears and insecurities are exposed and diminished by the Light, we are left standing in love. It is this love at the core of our being that is who we truly are.

Spiritual, sexual and creative energies are synonymous, interwoven and God-given.

In reality there is only one relationship and all others extend from the One. Having been given the gift of grace nothing is required except our awareness of the Presence within us.

As we spiral up the staircase of wisdom and knowledge we’re never regressing always progressing. Laws may prohibit our growth, so let us follow our heart, our direct line to spirituality, which not only will lead us to peace, but ecstasy as well.

Soul Attraction

It was your soul that attracted me to you

I saw the sunlight in your eyes

I heard the spirit in your voice

This spiritual bond between us surpasses romance, the frailties of the personality, even friendship

I feel comfortable, childlike and at peace when I’m with you

Maureen Ramsay Hughes

Maureen Ramsay Hughes is an inspirational writer, a former member of the advertising sales team for Fayette Woman magazine, and a devoted mother and grandmother. She invites your emails to