26 & 27

Jan 26

Day 26 — the oranges are looking so good when I am walking through the produce section of the grocery store I cannot help bring a few home.  This is one that came home with me a couple days ago.  I have had them just as they are and they are so good.  Perhaps I will use one to make orange-cranberry biscotti soon.  This orange is setting on my stainless barstool near the window.

Jan 27

This morning I was out running errands.  My daughter’s school group is busy working on their production of Beauty and the Beast.  It will be at New Hope South February 4 and 5.  I had to head to Joann’s to get fabric to make a couple skirts.  All the running around made me thirsty.  I love sweet tea with lemon!  After I got home I put this cup on my dining room table.  The color of the quilt on the bench in the background went well with the cup.


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January 30, 2010