10 ways to boost your confidence


Having strong confidence is the key to success in life.

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Confidence is that feeling of self-assurance when we can appreciate our own abilities and qualities. Why do we have such a difficult time appreciating ourselves?  I have a theme for this year and I came up with it to overcome my lack of confidence at times. I think it is a super message when we feel that doubt, fear and lack of confidence creeping into our lives. My theme is “Believe YOU Can!”.  Using that mantra, I have compiled a list of 10 ways that YOU can boost your confidence level and take on day to day tasks with determination and energy.

Here is my list of 10 ways to boost your confidence. While you are reading through each one, say, “I can and I will”:

  • Wake up and get ready for your day. Do you have those days that you want to just go back to sleep? Do you start questioning what you’re doing in life? I do at times and this is when I need to jump out of bed, get my blood flowing, drink a glass of water and get the day started. At times, half the battle is just getting ready for the day.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Negative thoughts are nasty little traps that can consume us and steal our precious time. When the negative thoughts start surfacing, I immediately start combatting these with positive thoughts. For every negative situation, there is something positive that can be found. When you continue doing this on a regular basis, you will see the negativity less and less.
  • Have a mindset of abundance. I think we are wired to naturally focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do have. I have gotten stuck in the rut of telling myself that I don’t have enough time, money or know-how. When that scarcity mindset rears its awful head, I turn it around by rearranging my priorities and searching for how I can instead of focusing on why I can’t.
  • Be kind. Kindness is such a simple, yet underused action that can have profound implications if you give it a chance. I think about kindness just about every day of my life. The difficult part is following through. I have found that planning kindness is a sure way to express it. Intentionally set out each day to be kind to another. Make the plan of what you will do and get it done. You never know how that simple act of kindness will add value to another’s person’s life.
  • Be grateful. Throughout the day, I try to focus on things for which I am grateful. There are thousands of things each day and we get so involved in our daily living that sometimes we overlook the blessings in our lives. Try to wake each day and think about something for which you are grateful. Every couple of hours, stop, look around and think about something
  • Stand tall and speak slowly. In my earlier days, I was the most timid, soft-spoken person. I would also speak quickly to get it out, as I didn’t think others saw value in what I was sharing.  I have learned to walk in a room with confidence at a quick pace. I know that what I have to share is important so I am learning to speak slowly, clearly and loud enough for people to hear.
  • Have a solutions mindset. I remember having a difficult time getting past a problem to find the solution. It was commonplace for me to complain and sometimes blame others for the problems that would arise in my life. I wasn’t aware of the positive results of responding with solutions to fix the problem.  It sure makes better use of your time.
  • Learn every day. This is such a key to success in life. It doesn’t matter what you aspire to become, personal growth is necessary. Think about setting aside 30 minutes each day to learn something. You can schedule this time when it works best for you, but the key is consistency. I frequently listen to audio books in my car.  If you spent 30 minutes each weekday or 2.5 hours a week, you would be able to finish an audio book each month on average.  That is a very generous timeframe as all of the books that I have in my Audible.com account are less than 10 hours.
  • Exercise regularly. We all know about the benefits of exercising and making healthy choices. It’s usually a matter of getting it done. One of my mentors recently shared about how discipline is highly over-rated. It is better to create and stick to positive habits. I have found so much truth to forming good habits.
  • Plan your day. Planning is a task that requires time and thought. The benefits of planning far outweigh the time it takes to do it. Sometimes I feel like I am far too busy to fill out my planner the day before. EVERY time I miss this, I waste so much time the following day. I don’t have my roadmap and I am all over the place trying to figure out what needs to be done.

Each of these things can contribute to boosting your confidence. In addition to encouraging confidence, you’ll also get a heck of lot done each day. I just have better days when I take the time to focus on these ideas. This leads to a peace that is so calming. Start implementing the ideas you are currently missing. Focus on just one thing at a time and create new habits. Remember to believe you can!

Patti Kadkhodaian owns AJAKO, an embroidery and promotional product company in Peachtree City.  John Maxwell certified, she also adds value through coaching, workshops and speaking. Contact Patti at 678 472 1199 or patti@ajako.net or visit her websites www.ajako.net and www.pattik.net.

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June 24, 2016