Protecting Your Vehicle from Summer Theft


Protecting Your Vehicle from Summer Theft: Security Experts Offer “Rules of the Road” Choosing a road trip over air travel this summer may seem like a smart way to save money on the high cost of airfare. However, families who take this route may be putting themselves in a position for an even costlier risk: […]

Summer Smarts: Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

With an estimated 136 million Americans going on at least one vacation this summer, safety and security precautions are a must. Proactive measures can help consumers keep their home safe from fire, carbon monoxide, and the threat of burglary while they are away. Better Business Bureau and home security pioneer, ADT are offering the following […]

Travelers Make Great Targets for Identity Thieves


As summer nears, many people start dreaming about and planning vacation getaways. But while you’re enjoying the beach, identity thieves are devising new ways to steal your personal information. Consumers often let their guards down on vacation, putting them at greater risk of identity theft. In an effort to curb the growing problem of identity […]

Starr’s Mill Choir to Perform at Carnegie Hall

starrs mill chorus

Chanticleer, the top choral performing ensemble of the Starr’s Mill High School Department of Choral Music, recently accepted an invitation from Choirs of America to be one of a handful of elite high school choirs to participate in the 2013 American Music performance Nationals for Top Choirs. Other high school choirs selected come from California, […]

10 Family Travel Tips

family trip

Spring is almost here, and summer is right around the corner! This means increased family travel and fun with the kids. Here are 10 family travel tips: Pack light – this might not sound easy when we are used to overflowing diaper bags, but with the Babee Covee, a new baby blanket and cover that […]

Driving tips for winter weather

driving in winter

(BPT) – Snow, ice, slush and other winter driving challenges can threaten both driver and passenger safety, and adding distractions into the mix only exacerbates the situation. So instead of dashing through the snow in your four-wheeled “sleigh” and ending up o’er the hills, it may be best to simply drive with caution and focus, […]

8 Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel with Your Kids

baby in car

Traffic, TSA, and Tantrums, Oh My!: Eight Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel with Your Kids If you’ve ever traveled with kids (especially over the holidays), you know it’s an adventure. More accurately, it’s a slapstick, Murphy’s-Law, Griswold-family type of adventure. There are poorly timed poops. Lost pacifiers. Traffic jams and road construction. A beyond-awkward screening […]

Fayette Woman at the Home of King Richard the Lionheart

Anna Marie Hendry in France with Fayette Woman

Anna Marie Hendry recently toured the Normandy area of France. Pictured here with her Fayette Woman Magazine at Chateau Gaillard, the once mighty fortress dating back to 1196 in the days when England ruled Normandy and the chateau belonged to King Richard the Lionheart, who was simultaneously the King of England and Duke of Normandy.

Jekyll Island Shrimp and Grits Festival


  Located directly on the Georgia coast, Jekyll Island is a shrimpers haven. To celebrate this local treasure, guests are invited to the 7th annual Wild Georgia Shrimp and Grits Festival, to be held Sept. 14 to 16 on Jekyll Island. Chefs and foodies from across the Southeast flock to the food-centric festival, either to […]

National Parks Offer Affordable Summer Fun Close To Home

state park

(StatePoint) You can make history, culture, natural beauty and scientific exploration a part of your life this summer by visiting a National Park near you. The nation’s 397 national parks not only protect some of America’s most iconic treasures, but they also tell diverse stories and teach valuable lessons about our shared heritage. National Parks […]

Disconnect in Destin

beach 2

Summer has arrived—time to pack a bag and head for some down-time at the beach! We’re fortunate to be just a few hours’ drive from one of the most stunning beach communities in the world: Destin, Florida. Known for its brilliant white sand and blue-green water, Destin is the crown jewel of the beautiful beach […]