Taking care of your stressed self

Are You Okay?: Caring for Yourself in the Midst of Stress Marla Tomazin shares seven strategies that will help you to focus on your own well-being—and to feel a little bit better—in the midst of one of life’s rough patches. New York, NY (June 2013)—Everyone goes through rough spots in life—it’s an unfortunate but unavoidable […]

This New Year, Resolve To Get More Sleep

more sleep

(StatePoint) There are many popular New Year’s resolutions that quickly come and go: eating healthy, losing weight, managing stress and saving money. In 2013, why not focus on one health change you’ll enjoy sticking to… getting more sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average American sleeps about six hours and 55 minutes per […]

8 Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel with Your Kids

baby in car

Traffic, TSA, and Tantrums, Oh My!: Eight Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel with Your Kids If you’ve ever traveled with kids (especially over the holidays), you know it’s an adventure. More accurately, it’s a slapstick, Murphy’s-Law, Griswold-family type of adventure. There are poorly timed poops. Lost pacifiers. Traffic jams and road construction. A beyond-awkward screening […]

10 Last-Minute Tips for Black Friday

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Black Friday is closer than ever, with many big-name stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you’re braving the crowds for the first time or consider yourself a Black Friday shopping veteran, consider these 10 last-minute tasks to prep you for the biggest shopping day(s) of the year. 1. Research circulars and map out […]

Help Your Kids Stand Up to Bullying


Going back to school can be stressful for many kids, especially if they have been the victims of bullying. According to Youth Ambassadors 4 Kids Club, an organization dedicated to eliminating bullying, a student is bullied every seven minutes in our country, and an estimated 77 percent of students will experience some form of mental […]

19 Strategies for Replenishing Your Emotional Energy

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You’re a modern woman…which means you’re barely surviving. You work yourself to the bone for ever-diminishing returns, thanks to the rising cost of everything from gas to food to health insurance. Meanwhile, you serve as cook, maid, shrink, tutor, and handyman at home. When life’s little “emergencies” crop up—a broken water heater, a toothache, a […]

The Art of Saying No

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By Dr. Travis Bradberry John Gailbraith’s housekeeper was a whiz when it came to saying no. One day in 1965 the noted economist was taking a nap when President Lyndon Johnson called his home. “He’s taking a nap and has left strict orders not to be disturbed,” his housekeeper told the President. Johnson replied, “Well, […]

Stress Busters


If you feel irritable, have a hard time concentrating, have low energy or a hard time sleeping, you could be showing signs of stress. In fact, it seems that most Americans are feeling stress these days. The American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2010 Stress in America survey disclosed that stress is taking a toll on physical […]