Georgia’s Most Popular Baby Names for 2012

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The Social Security Administration today announced the most popular baby names in Georgia for 2012.  Emma and William topped the list. The top five boys and girls names in Georgia for 2012 are: Boys: 1)  William 2)  Mason 3)  Jacob 4)  Michael 5)  Jayden   Girls: 1)   Emma 2)   Ava 3)   Isabella 4)   Madison 5)   […]

10 Ways to Say “Thank You” on Mother’s Day

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“Look, Ma—Successful Adult!”:  Ten Thank-Yous Your Mother Should Hear Nothing makes mothers happier than to know that they’ve raised fulfilled, healthy, successful, and self-aware kids. On Mother’s Day, let your mom know exactly what she did to turn you into the adult you are today and how her influence still shapes your life. Be specific! From […]

Mother of the Bride Dress Dilemmas, Solved

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Shopping for the perfect mother of the bride (or groom) dress isn’t easy. The mother of the bride is expected to pick a dress that is beautiful, graceful, distinct and understated just enough not to draw attention away from the bride. Choosing the right dress can be challenging, but armed with the following tips, you’ll […]

10 Family Travel Tips

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Spring is almost here, and summer is right around the corner! This means increased family travel and fun with the kids. Here are 10 family travel tips: Pack light – this might not sound easy when we are used to overflowing diaper bags, but with the Babee Covee, a new baby blanket and cover that […]

Your Post-Baby Bloom: 9 Resolutions for Renewal

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Your Post-Baby Bloom: Nine Spring Resolutions for Renewing and Refreshing Yourself If the winter winds have been howling outside (while your baby is howling inside), you might be experiencing a touch of the winter blues. After several weeks or months of caring for your new arrival, it’s easy to become stuck in a rut of […]

5 Tips to be a positive parent

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by Diane Lang Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. I have heard that from every parent including my own. Parenting is a learned trait; be patient with yourself and set realistic expectations about parenting. It’s OK to make mistakes. Your kids also learn a lot of their personality traits from you. […]

Step-by-Step Survival Guide for Mother of the Groom


The older I get, the more I appreciate “experiential vs. intellectual” understanding. Books, blogs, lectures, experts and friends may prepare me for a task or opportunity but it’s not “real” until I live it. This has never been more true for me than last year when my son became engaged. Until that time, the phrase […]